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Granby Roll to Freedom with Hudson Taylor

Granby Roll to Freedom with Hudson Taylor


Wrestling from the bottom means that you are stuck to the whims of your opponent. They have the advantage in terms of leverage, pressure, and directional force. No matter if you were taken down, reversed, or placed in the position after the period, bottom position can be a bane to your victory. Getting out of the bottom position requires more than pure strength or speed; it takes a combination of timing, angles, and technique. There are many basic ways to escape, such as the stand-up or the switch series. If these attempts have been shut down recently, why not try something with more mobility?

The Granby roll can be the move you need to get out from under your opponent and get onto the podium. In the video below, former Columbia University wrestling coach Hudson Taylor goes in-depth to discuss the Granby roll and how you can use it to escape from the bottom position. 


Your Opponent’s Momentum

The Granby roll works best when your opponent provides momentum, especially if it opens up space for you. Taylor begins in bottom position while his opponent starts in a traditional referee’s set-up. His opponent drives him forward with a simple gut-and-chop, which puts Taylor’s weight on his hands. In a typical scenario, this would be bad as it shifts his base toward his upper body instead of down at his hips. Yet this is just what Taylor needs in order to progress.

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Windshield Wipe the Feet

Taylor’s opponent driving him forward opens him up for the next component: windshield wiping the feet. Your feet are directional indicators in wrestling in the same way that your head is from standing, determining where your body will move in a linear fashion. Just like shooting with your feet forward makes your shot more accurate, moving your feet in an angle can adjust your hips and body position. Taylor adjusts his feet to the outside in order to prevent his opponent from catching him in the middle of the roll. Otherwise, he will end up in a worse position with back exposure. 

The Roll

Once Taylor is in position to hit the roll, he starts the roll by bringing his arm under his body. This remedies the situation many beginning wrestlers find themselves in when attempting the move: performing a forward roll. The Granby roll will not be effective if you simply roll forward on your shoulders straight ahead. As Taylor demonstrates, you will roll from shoulder blade to shoulder blade and across your trap muscles to hit a lateral angle on your opponent. This makes it less likely for your opponent to capture your legs in the process and also allows you to roll over their arm. Once you escape, you can either step back into your stance or take advantage of your opponent’s lowered position. 

The Granby roll can be the bottom move you need to get back on the road to victory. Hudson Taylor meticulously breaks down the technique in the video above to ensure that no matter how you got down, you can always get back up.   

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