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Go From Headlock To High C With Brandon Wright

Go From Headlock To High C With Brandon Wright

Brandon Wright is a two time NAIA Champion for Grand View (Iowa) who took 4th place at the Last chance Olympic Qualifiers in 2016. Not to be one who gives up, Brandon took Silver at the 2017 US Open and 3rd at the US Team Trials the same year. 

Brandon is currently ranked #3 in the US at 134 lbs. Being somewhat of an underdog, Brandon made a statement back in 2017 taking Second at the US Nationals. Proving to the entire wrestling community that he is a contender at 134 and that he was here to compete.

Wrestling out of the famous NYC Athletic Club. Brandon has been making waves in the senior level since 2017. Brandon has a constant pressure style attacking from any place and angle. You will never see Brandon giving up mat space, for him it is go time until the whistle.

A great example is his win over Seth Gross in 2017. Gross is a very technical wrestler that went on to win the NCAA championship the following year. What gave Brandon the advantage was his ability to always be in a position to shoot on the legs of Gross. Gross had jumped out 7-2 Late in the first. Brandon came back and ended up finishing  with a score 12-11 in his favor.  

Brandon can shoot from close, far, in a tie up and even from the front headlock. Movement and hand fighting play a big role in Brandons style but it is that ability to stay in the pocket fire off a quick single to score two that really makes him a dangerous point scorer.

Here is a video of Brandon setting up the High C shot off the front headlock. The almost four minute video is packed with little details that make this both realistic and achievable at any level. 


This is such a great tool to add to any wrestler's arsenal. Oftentimes at the High School and College level the front headlock is used as a stalling position. Grab the front headlock off their bad shot and wait for the whistle to restart. 

Why leave those points on the mat? You have made combat and have a positional advantage, Punish that other wrestler for taking the bad shot and get some points on the board. 

Looking at what Brandon is showing us is first how to control a good front headlock. Grabbing the shin with one hand creates a solid connection that prevents the other wrestler from backing out. The other arm should have a good hold on their elbow, Pulling that warm into your body and effectively away from theirs. 

Now the magic is in the details on how to remove the chinstrap while also being ready to take a good shot. Brandon pulls the arm out and low, head in the way, while driving their arm (from the elbow or tricep) into their body.

This motion blocks the other wrestler from squaring up. The head position is low and about chest level. It is at this time that the lead leg that had the shin strap penetrates and the arm goes in deep for the high c. 

Brandon had two finishes. He can drive in and lift for the bigger slam. Or he can take the more efficient route by feeding the outside arm through the legs. Changing his angle and running through his opponents hip line for the double. Brandon has a unique way to create offense and definitely has lots to share.

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