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Go From Defense To Offense With Ethan Lizak

Go From Defense To Offense With Ethan Lizak


Get used to defending single legs…

Being solely defensive in wrestling is a losing proposition. Not only is it a bad strategy to offer no attacks but constantly fighting off takedown attempts is going to wreck your stamina before too long. While defense is absolutely essential if you want to have success, it’s also pretty handy to be able to counter and completely change the flow of the match. 

This constant back and forth chess match that takes place is what makes wrestling so entertaining to watch. Being able to thrive in that type of environment is what builds such strong character on the wrestling mat. It’s also one of the reasons why cardio is usually not an issue for these athletes!

So how can you become more of an offensive wrestler? One thing that will help is having a visual aid. Ethan Lizak, creator of Takedown To Breakdown, has an effective option to not only shut the single leg down but turn the situation into his favor with a cradle! Check out the demonstration below!


First things first with defending the shot and that is to control the opponent’s head by pushing it down. This attack is so effective because it manipulates the structure of the single leg. Typically when someone shoots in on a single their trail leg will still be up off of the mat. This leg is used to drive and or circle their body, mainly it keeps them mobile. Lizak immediately cuts down this mobility by hooking the trailing leg in a half-nelson like grip. 

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This helps Ethan hike his partner’s leg off of the floor which is essential to be able to eventually lock the cradle and tip them over for back points. Spacing is crucial for this technique, if you don’t adjust your base correctly it will be difficult to lift their leg while maintaining good balance. 

To lock the cradle Ethan brings his knee that his opponent has to the floor. This posture, pictured above, is crucial for getting your hands to meet underneath of your opponent. Being too high on your opponent will make the distance too far to successfully lock your hands. Once Lizak locks the hands he starts to sit his hip to the floor to roll his opponent over to their side. Now you can begin to look to score back points and eventually even the pin. 

This is just a small glimpse into what Lizak has for you to learn on Takedown To Breakdown. It’s amazing what a couple of details can do to completely change your outlook on a position. Often times it can feel like an all out effort to defend the single leg. Shifting your focus from defense to offense can be a great way to ultimately get ahead in the match. 

Takedown to Breakdown by Ethan Lizak

Takedown To Breakdown By Ethan Lizak has the techniques and strategies to make you a more complete wrestler. Find your way into takedown territory and finish what you started!