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Get The Lead Out With Jordan Oliver

Get The Lead Out With Jordan Oliver


Movin’ Ain’t Easy….

Movement is a tricky thing to master in wrestling. From an early stage a good deal of focus should be placed on becoming more fluid in your movement. This can be tricky because typically you want to be rooted into the mat to defend yourself from takedowns. Overtime with some practice and patience you can become a more efficient mover on the mat. But Why?

Setting up takedowns with movement is a tricky endeavor. However, some of the smoothest takedown artists utilize movement to secure their shots. Repetition and practice  should be your first thought when it comes to movement mastery. Another aspect to learning how to move is to see it! 

Jordan Oliver, who recently out scored his opponents 50-0 at the U.S. Senior Nationals, just released Movement Made Easy. This is an entire instructional dedicated to using sophisticated movement to increase your overall mat aptitude. Let’s take a quick look at a concept Jordan refers to as “breaking a position”. This clip is directly from Movement Made Easy!


The bubble concept is a major theme covered in  Movement Made Easy. Jordan elects to enter into his partner’s bubble with his forehead. The bubble refers to when you start to get close enough that your arms can reach each other. As Oliver enters close to his partner he keeps his arms elastic. They are like this so he can react as soon as his partner does. By going forehead first he encourages his partner to react. As they do Jordan has a couple traps waiting to be sprung. 

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Jordan elects for a squared stance to hide his attack plan. He also is constantly keeping his feet moving. He avoids being flat footed by always keeping his feet moving. By staying low and active you offer a strong defense while at the same time providing yourself an offensive platform. To make his first move Jordan uses a scissor step, he demonstrates this at the 3:35 mark of the video. 

Effective and efficient movement are key if you want to succeed regardless of level. Total beginners can utilize this information to provide themselves with a rock solid foundation to build on. More experienced wrestlers probably already have a slick bag of tricks waiting for their opponent. BUT what if you could add some elusive movement to compliment their own techniques? That sounds like a recipe for improvement! 

Movement Made Easy by Jordan Oliver
 Movement Made Easy By Jordan Oliver provides the drills and skills needed to be a Top-Tier wrestler! Get the lead out of your feet, and begin to use movement to dominate the mat, TODAY!