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Get it right! With Henry Cejudo

Get it right! With Henry Cejudo

In the world of international wrestling currently there are only two powerhouse teams in the world. One being Russia/Soviet Union and the other country landed on the moon. Along with being the only country that landed on the moon the United States is also the Most winning Olympic Wrestling team of all Time.

You might argue that when the USA won 9 Gold Medals and Three Silver medals and a Bronze 1984 the Soviets were not there. You might be right, but the 17 medals the Soviets won in 1980 didn’t have the Americans in it either.

That was just two Olympics, over the entire history of the games the USA rules the roost. With a Total of 133 total medals in comparison to the 116 of the Soviet Union and Russia. Then there is the whole steroid thing they got caught up in.  

Also did I mention the USA also Landed on the moon?

The United States because of its vast melting pot of cultures has seen medalist in all forms and colors. The parent organization that promotes wrestling in the U.S. (USA Wrestling) is non prejudice as a whole and is all inclusive.

You show up, you make weight, you wrestle, PERIOD!

The USA is also truly a land of opportunity for wrestlers, many who wrestle well in college get jobs as coaches at the college they wrestled at. There is also a club system and private lessons that open up for these athletes.

One of the common avenues now is the transition from the sport of wrestling to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in which wrestling is a necessary component. This avenue is really paving the way for wrestlers who wish to compete at the highest level of competition.

The first true example we saw of this was Mark Schultz 1984 Olympic Gold medalist take on Big Daddy Goodridge. Goodridge had been fighting No Holds Barred (NHB The Precursor to the MMA Ruleset) for many years before Mark took his first and only MMA fight.

The odds were heavily in favor of Big Daddy, but any who watched that fight saw a Top Tier wrestler dump this man down to the mat and maul him. Mark Won ViA TKO due to strikes, This set the stage for more wrestlers to step in.

When we talk crossover wrestlers to fighters, you have to talk about Triple Champ Henry Cejudo. 2008 Bantamweight Gold Medalist, Former UFC Bantamweight Champ AND UFC Flyweight Champ. Only a handful of people have ever held multiple titles at the same time and only one is a former Olympic Gold Medalist.

As good as Henry is in the Octagon, his skills on the wrestling mat are just as good or better.

Henry believes that wrestlers need to train smarter not harder by implementing practical situations into their drilling.

Check out what it means to add that practical aspect to drilling with the video below!


Triple C has his students show the traditional “American” way of drilling a double leg entry with a partner. Shooting low between the legs of their partner then turning around and shooting back.

Henry does not like this as it is not practical. At no time will as athlete shoot a double and miss to turn around 180 degrees and shoot again. Instead Henry has his student posture after the shot with a strong trail leg coming up to a tabletop.

Good strong posture leads to strong technical takedowns. That tabletop leg is used to drive the opponent over and will only ever be achieved if that trail leg came to a good tabletop so that a directional shift can be created.  

Want more from Triple C? Click Learn More!



Henry continues into the high crotch shot where the entry should be strong enough to off balance an opponent backwards.

Henry used his wrestling as a primary component to winning two UFC Titles and an overall MMA Pro Record of 16-2 with a career ending winning streak of 6 wins over notable fighters as Dominick Cruz, Demetrious Johnson and T.J. Dillashaw who tested positive for EPO after their fight.

Henry has taken what made him the Triple Champ and created an instructional. This instructional is not just any series on wrestling, this is a COMPLETE series on wrestling. Henry covers live drills, partner drills, techniques from every position.

Gold Medal Wrestling is an 8-part series! Not 3 ,4 or 5 parts and Incredible 8 parts from an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Check out this set up for the low single, Henry goes in depth on how to set up and execute, and sprinkles in that mat I.Q he has to really tune it up!


Giving the credit to two-time Olympic Gold Medalist John Smith for the setup on this technique. Very few instructional speak about maintaining the right posture during shooting (for the legs). He goes over how to keep the spine coiled and how to take a DEEP Level Change and which angle to attack that lead leg.

These are just two videos which don’t even equate to a single section of his instructional.

Great work by Henry, check it out here!

Gold Medal Wrestling by Henry Cejudo