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Get A Grip With Georgi Ivanov

Get A Grip With Georgi Ivanov


Dominate With The 2-On-1

Regardless of the Wrestling format, one of the most important concepts to understand is the importance of winning the grip exchange. While there are many tie ups and controls that are used one of the most effective is the 2-on-1. What better way to control someone’s arm than to use two hands! If you are finding yourself lost in the shuffle and can’t find a successful way to attack the 2-on-1 is what you need. Georgi Ivanov and his 2-on-1 Encyclopedia has you covered. 

2016 Olympian and Pac-12 standout Georgi Ivanov has a dominating style that makes heavy use of the 2-on-1. The 2-on-1 offers such an advantage for those who are able to successfully set it up. The 2-on-1 Encyclopedia is a complete guide to using one of the most effective tie ups in all of Wrestling. Let’s check out a couple techniques from The 2-On-1 Encyclopedia!


Georgi starts the Head to Chest Fireman’s Carry by peeling the post from his shoulder. Countering this requires a bit of good timing, but drilling can start to assist you in how well you can react. Georgi also show’s his signature version of obtaining the 2-on-1. Once you get the 2-on-1 you can start to feel how controlling it is. In practice just spending some time feeling how you can control and manipulate you partner’s base can help learn more than just techniques but match winning concepts. Georgi covers these game-changing details throughout The 2-On-1 Encyclopedia.

To pull off the Fireman’s carry you need to keep track of where their near leg is. For instance at the 0:46 mark Georgi shows you how to respond to this leg being pulled away. Georgi uses the power of his control here to make his partner step. Now that his partner is in position he will start a series of steps that overtime need to take place in rapid succession. We will break them down here!

First Georgi makes not of raising his partner’s posture. This ensures the space required for the technique is there. While there is a lot of positional maintenance going on, this is all made possible by the power of his 2-on-1. Once their posture is raised Ivanov begins to enter in with is head to his partner's chest. 

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As Ivanov shuffles in he also steps behind his partner’s near leg creating what he refers to as “the chair”. Creating this chair is important because now Georgi uses his wrist-controlling hand to grab his partner’s leg and begin the Fireman’s Carry. By getting low enough this “Chair” leg will be planted in a way that stops your opponent’s base and also allows you to drive them over it, securing your points. This technique doesn’t require a large elevation, which can be useful for smaller people. 


Georgi continues to put his 2-on-1 superpowers on display here with The Reverse Arm Throw. The 2016 Olympian points out that one thing that makes these techniques work so well is their unexpected nature. That is one key factor in pulling off this highlight reel technique. This technique in particular is in response to our opponent defending by grabbing your far arm. As they start to defend Georgi immediately switches his grip on the wrist hand. 

By planting his foot and using his 2-on-1 Georgi is able to generate a large amount of pull over his opponent’s upper body. He uses this to get his opponent’s base behind him. Once their base is disrupted Georgi starts to level change and turn underneath of his opponent. This loads their weight on top of his back making it easier to get the finish. Another aspect to a strong finish is maintaining a usable structure with your legs. Your legs should push off the mat for a little extra drive. Again crucial details like these are throughout  The 2-On-1 Encyclopedia.

The 2-on-1 Encyclopedia by Georgi Ivanov
Use the 2-On-1 to dominate your opponents. Get A Grip and Let It Rip like Georgi Ivanov! The 2-On-1 Encyclopedia By Georgi Ivanov is packed full of game-changing concepts and details that are sure to get you more points and HIGHLIGHT reel takedowns. Check it out TODAY!