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Front Head Throw With Bekzod Abdurakhminov

Front Head Throw With Bekzod Abdurakhminov

Front headlocks are a great offensive skill to have available in wrestling. You can get to them by snapping your opponent down or by down blocking when they take a shot. No matter how you end up in the position, with the right pressure and movement, defending a front headlock is very difficult and it drains a lot of energy out of a person.This means if you are doing them the right way, you should be able to score lots of points with them. 

There are generally two types of front headlocks: open and closed. With each kind there are also many different finished you can hit but one of the most simple yet effective finishes to a front headlock is the throw by. You can hit a throw by from a closed front headlock, but a majority of the time it is done from an open front headlock.

Check out this video by Bekzod Abdurakhminov where he shows a front headlock throw by from down blocking a shot. 

Bekzod starts with down blocking his opponent’s shot and all that really entails is anticipating or feeling when your opponent lowers their level and using your shoulder to block them from penetrating and getting to your legs. 

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Once you block the shot and have your opponent on their hands and knees, use your hand on the same side you blocked with to grab the chin. Once you do, be sure to keep a firm grasp on the chin the entire time and try to keep your elbow nice and tight to your side to help prevent them from dragging out of the front headlock. Remember, you can not use the chin to twist the head and neck.

Watch how Bekzod attacks the other arm. You can either hook and grab in the armpit or you can attack the elbow to secure your opponent's hand off the mat. Once you are in this position it is very important that you keep pressure into your opponent and circle to attack the far leg almost like you are trying to go for a near-side cradle. 

If you are circling around trying to attack the far leg, you opponent’s natural response will be to try to spin and face you. When they do, keep snapping and throw the head and arm by as you change directions and spin the other way. Watch how Bekzod gets his opponent to circle one way then when they attempt to face hi, he throws it by and secures the takedown. 

When you hit the throw by, be sure to really throw the head and arm by hard. Your arm should make a big circling movement like you are trying to stir a big pot of water.

If you are trying to hit this move and are having trouble here are a couple things that you may be doing wrong. First is not really trying to attack that far leg. By attacking the far leg, you are forcing them to circle and face you and in order for this takedown to be effective they must be circling. Another problem you may be having is you might not be using your snap down effectively. If you are not snapping properly, your opponent’s weight probably won’t be on their hands where you want it to be allowing them to block you when you try to throw by. Another major issue people have with this move is having correct head and shoulder position. Be sure to really pay attention where Bekzod’s head and shoulder are in relation to his opponent to ensure there is a lot of pressure. Pressure, movement, and timing are the keys to hitting this move correctly.

This is a very basic but yet very effective takedown. When you are first learning it, you can break it up into different parts, then put it all together once you feel comfortable with it. If you would like to learn more wrestling technique from Bekzod be sure to check out his video series titled “The Takedown Passport by Bekzod Abdurakhminov”.