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Four Takedowns From An Overtie

Four Takedowns From An Overtie


There are a lot of different positions and tie ups you can use in wrestling to set up different takedowns like two on ones or underhooks. One position that happens in almost every single wrestling match is a collar tie. When one guy gets collar tied, it is pretty normal for the other guy to collar tie him back and the two end up in an ear to ear position. This is not a position you want to be in because you basically close off any space necessary to create offense. So if your opponent gets a collar tie on you, instead of going ear to ear with them, you can get what is called an overtie. 

An overtie is basically when you collar tie over top of your opponent’s collar tie. You lock onto their upper neck around the ear and then pull their head into their biceps. You have to collapse their arm for an overtie to be effective. Also, just be aware that technically they have the inside position in an overtie so be on the lookout for singles or high crotches to your near leg. 

Here are four takedowns from an overtie that will help you score more takedowns.

Overtie To A Single Leg

In this first video, two time NCAA champion and Olympian, Ben Askren shows a nice outside single from an overtie. Head positioning is very important when hitting this single. Watch how he collapses his opponent’s head into the pocket and Askren’s head level is higher than his opponent’s. Watch how he snaps his opponent’s head down and when he reacts, it gives an opening to drop down for an outside single. When you have single leg secured, you can use your favorite finish from down on the mat. Askren even shows a nice cutback finish if you feel your opponent sprawl on you.

Overtie To An Ankle Pick

In this video, two time world champion and Olympic champion Kyle Snyder, shows an ankle pick from an overtie position. Ankle picks are great takedowns, especially for bigger guys, because you don’t get caught underneath a guy if they have heavy hips and you won’t end up in a messy scramble situation.

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A couple big things to pay attention to with this takedown. First, just like before, make sure you are pulling your opponent’s head to their biceps to collapse the space. Secondly, in the video, Snyder has wrist control on the opposite wrist, but it still works if they have your wrist. Be sure to circle and move your opponent around to get them to have a lead leg on the same side as you have wrist control.  

When you go in to attack the ankle, keep heavy hands on the head and be sure to bring it down with you. If you don’t, you will be too spread out. Also, be sure to drive your opponent over their ankle, don’t try to pick it straight up off the mat. 

Low Double Leg From An Overtie

Another great takedown from an overtie is a double leg. In this video, four time NCAA champ and world champion Logan Stieber shows a low double leg off of an overtie. 

To be successful with this setup and takedown, be sure to collapse your opponent’s head into their biceps. Also, pay attention to how Stieber pushes in and out and circles his opponent to create an opening for the shot. He is also snapping his opponent’s head down and when they react, he is using the opening to attack the legs. 

You will also notice this is not a traditional double leg, it is more of a hybrid double leg with a low single. So, if you really like to hit low single legs, this is a great takedown to add to your offense. 

Overtie To A Foot Sweep

In this last video, Askren shows two foot sweeps that both come off a slide by which is hit from and overtie. You will need to drill these foot sweeps to get the timing down, but once you do, they are highly effective.

For the first one, once you get the overtie secured, you are going to hit a slide by anticipating your opponent will turn back into you. When they do, you are going to sweep the near foot. The second one is very similar except you don’t wait for your opponent to turn back into you, you just sweep the near foot. This is a great move for heavier wrestlers because they don’t get caught under a heavy opponent. 


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