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Four High level Single Leg Finishes

Four High level Single Leg Finishes


A single leg is one of the most common takedowns in wrestling, but within the category of a single leg, there are a lot of variations. One position that all wrestlers will find themselves in at some point in time is a high level single leg position. This is when you are standing up straight and have the single leg secured at about chest level. This seems like it should be an easy finish when you get a leg up this high, but if you are competing against a seasoned wrestler, it can actually be quite difficult. Here are four finishes you can use to increase your high level single leg finishes. 

Back Trip

The first finish you can do is a simple back trip done when you have the leg in the inside position. To hit this finish, reach up with the near hand and grab your opponent’s neck like Askren does in the video. Then take a small step in with the far leg to close the distance. Now you are going to attack your opponent’s planted foot with a sweeping/tripping motion. At the same time you are attacking the planted foot, pull down on your opponent’s neck to finish the takedown.

In the video, Askren is standing still. In a live situation, you want to make sure you are moving your opponent around to keep them off balance. When you have a single leg and just stand there, it allows your opponent a chance to defend it. Also, really try to secure the single leg as high as you can on your chest. 

Double Knee Attack Finish

Another great finish from this position is a double knee attack. To hit this finish, with your near arm, you will attack either your opponent’s knee or armpit and turn away from them to try to get them to drop down and plant their hands on the mat. When they do, the near arm is going to attack the far knee. Then just climb up to control the hips for your takedown. 

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Foot Sweep

A third finish from the high single position is a foot sweep. Secure the leg across your chest. Then swing your other arm in an uppercut motion and have your bicep make contact with the underside of their knee. The goal of this is to get their foot that is planted on the mat to pop off the mat just slightly for just a split second. Watch how Askren uses not only his arm but also his legs and hips to lift his partner off the mat. When the foot comes off the mat, use your inside foot to sweep your opponent’s foot. Make sure you are stepping in with your front foot to close the distance before you sweep just like Askren shows in the video. 

Tomahawk Trip

This finish is from the high level position, just like the previous three, but with this finish the leg is in the outside position. When you have the leg secured nice and high, you are going to try to front trip your opponent. Often times when you do this they bounce right back up, but you are anticipating this. So right when they come back up, you are going to sweep their planted foot out of the way with your foot and come across with your opposite side forearm and tomahawk chop at the neck. Be sure to notice how Stieber faces his opponent right when he pops back up. Also pay attention to how he sweeps the leg and chops the head at the same time. 

These are four great finishes from a high level single position. Try all four out and see which ones work best for you. Just remember, no matter which side you have the single leg secured on, be sure to keep your opponent moving. 

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