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Four Double Leg Setups Every Wrestler Should Know

Four Double Leg Setups Every Wrestler Should Know


A double leg takedown is one of the most basic and common takedowns in wrestling. When you are new to wrestling, it is one of the first takedowns most people are taught, but knowing how to shoot a double leg and being able to get in on a double leg are two separate things. To get in on shots, you need to use setups to create openings in your opponent’s defense. Here are four different setups that will help you to earn more takedowns with a double leg.

Post and Fake 

The first set up, head posting and fake level changes, is probably the most basic set up a wrestler can do in wrestling, but it is so effective, you still see people using it at the highest levels of the sport. With this setup, you post on the head, use motion, and level changes to try to get your opponent to react. When you move and change levels, acting like you are going to shoot, your opponent will flinch getting ready to defend your shot until they realize that you did not actually shoot. In this brief moment, there will be an opening to shoot a double leg. 

Watch this video of Ben Askren as he demonstrates how to use posting on the head, motion, and level changes to set up the shot. Pay attention to the distance he is at compared to his opponent. Also, watch the way he is circling and uses multiple head posts and level changes before he takes the shot. When you do this, be aware that you still need to maintain a good stance so you do not get shot on and the posts need to be on the head and not in the face. 

Counter Posting the Arm

Another way you can set a double leg up is to use your opponent’s reach and post it up to go under it. When wrestlers are taught how to make first contact, one of the main points that is taught is not to reach because it leaves them vulnerable to getting shot on. This setup exploits this exact scenario. To do use this setup, when your opponent reaches for a collar tie, use your hand to post their hand up and that will make room to shoot a double leg. 

Check out this video by Bekzod Abdurakhminov where he shows his version of the arm post. A couple things to pay attention to. First, notice he keeps his elbow in when he posts the arm up. Secondly, he is timing it so he is posting the arm up right as his partner makes contact. If you wait until the collar tie is tight, it is too late. Lastly, in the video, Bekzod shoots a double leg with an outside leg step to the near side, but you could shoot with either leg and to either side depending on what feels comfortable. 


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Using misdirection is a great way to set up a double leg. Misdirection is when you fake shooting to one side, get your opponent to react, then re-shoot to the other side. When doing a misdirection, you have to really sell the first shot. Often times wrestlers will try to do a misdirection to set up a shot, but their first shot is not believable so their second shot is not successful. It’s all about selling the first shot to get your opponent to react. This is done by actually lowering your level, reaching for a leg, and even looking in the direction of the fake helps to sell it. 

In this video, three time NCAA champion Ed Ruth shows using misdirection to hit a double leg. Notice how he is using outside steps for his shots. This type of shot is all about timing, and the best way to develop it is with practice. 


It is very common in wrestling for your opponent to collar tie you. If you can catch their arm as they reach, you can post it up, but if you miss the arm and they secure the collartie you can clear it off with an overtie and hit a double leg. An overtie is when you basically collar tie over top of your opponent’s collar tie.

Watch this video of four time NCAA champion Logan Stieber where he shows how to use an overtie to hit a low double leg. Pay attention to how he uses the overtie to pull his opponent close and how he circles to and snaps to create an opening to shoot. You will also notice this is not a traditional double leg, it is more of a hybrid double leg with a low single. This is a great setup to practice because you see people getting collar tied in almost every match which means it readily available if you know what to look for. 



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