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Five Ways To Set Up A Double Leg

Five Ways To Set Up A Double Leg


Having a good offense is extremely important in wrestling. There are many different takedowns you can hit while wrestling on your feet. One of the most common takedowns is a double leg. Technically, you might have a great double leg, but if you don’t have the right set ups to hit one, it doesn’t really matter because you won’t ever get in on your shot. Here are five ways you can set up a double leg.

Movement and Fakes 

Probably one of the easiest ways to set up a double leg is with movement and fakes. This is done by simply circling, level changes, and head taps to get your opponent to react. When they do, it leaves an opening for you to shoot. This type of setup is all about timing. The more you do it, the better you will get at it. In this video, two time NCAA champion and Olympian Ben Askren shows how he likes to use movement and fakes to shoot a double leg. 


Post The Arm

When you wrestle, at some point your opponent will reach up and try to collar tie you. This gives you a great set up for a double leg because you can post it up to go under it. When wrestlers are taught how to make first contact, one of the main points that is taught is not to reach because it leaves them vulnerable to getting shot on. This setup exploits this exact scenario. To do this setup, when your opponent reaches for a collar tie, use your hand to post their hand up and that will make room to shoot a double leg. 

Check out this video by Bekzod Abdurakhminov where he shows his version of the arm post. A couple things to pay attention to. First, notice he keeps his elbow in when he posts the arm up. Secondly, he is timing it so he is posting the arm up right as his partner makes contact. If you wait until the collar tie is tight, it is too late. Lastly, in the video, Bekzod shoots a double leg with an outside leg step to the near side, but you could shoot with either leg and to either side depending on what feels comfortable. 


High Crotch

So a high crotch is not normally thought of as a setup to a double leg, but you need a smaller opening to shoot a high crotch when compared to shooting a double leg. So if you really like to shoot double legs, start looking to hit a high crotch then switch off to a double leg finish. 

In this video, Dan Vallimont shows how to hit a high crotch from an inside tie position then switch off to a double leg. Some key points to pay attention too. First is that he is not taking center penetration step, instead, he is taking an outside set. The second thing to notice is how well he clears his arm. If you don’t, your opponent will be able to underhook you and defend the shot. Using a high crotch to get to the double leg position is a great way to get takedowns. 


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Snap and Shoot

Setting up a double leg does not have to be fancy or complicated. In fact, one of the most effective setups is a simple head snap. When you are hand fighting with your opponent, simply reach up and snap their head down a little. Their automatic response will be to pop back up. Even if they only pop up a little bit, that is still enough room for you to shoot in for a double leg. You can even do a couple snaps in a row. Just make sure you don’t snap them into your legs. Head snaps are a great way to set up a double leg. 


Another great way to get in on a double leg is with a reshot. You can do this either offensively or defensively. To do it offensively, shoot a shot, and when your opponent blocks it, instead of resetting back in your stance, immediately shoot again. A defensive reshot is when your opponent shoots and you block their shot and immediately shoot on them as they are returning to their stance. 

In wrestling, activity creates opportunity to score, so by shooting or blocking a shot, you are able to find an opening to shoot a double leg. Reshots are highly effective and you see them all the time a the highest levels of competition. Check out this reshot drill video where Ben Askren shows how to do a reshot both offensively and defensively. 

Double legs are a fundamental takedown in wrestling and often times, you can avoid scramble situations by shooting a double leg when compared to single legs. Be sure you really focus on driving through your opponent and not stopping on your knees. These setups will really help you to increase the amount of double legs you have available. 

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