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Five Super Simple Yet Super Effective Takedowns

Five Super Simple Yet Super Effective Takedowns


There are an infinite number of ways to take your opponent down in wrestling. There are some very complex setups that can lead to pretty technical takedowns, but more complicated doesn’t always mean better. In fact, when you watch high level wrestling, many of the takedowns that are scored are pretty basic. Fancy and flashy takedowns can be fun to hit and watch, but if your goal is to win championships, then your focus should be on mastering simple moves that are highly effective. Here are five super simple yet super effective takedowns that you can hit that will work at the highest levels of competition. 

Two on One Lunge Step with Adam Wheeler

The first takedown comes from a lunge step that is set up from a two on one. From the lunge step position, you can hit a duck under, a double leg, or a single leg; it is really up to you depending on what you like the most. The focus is more on hitting the lunge step than it is on what finish you use. 

It is very common when you have a two on one for your opponent to post on your head with their far arm to try to create space and defend the near side. When they do this, it leaves their far side vulnerable. The first step is to post their hand up. When you watch the video, you will see Adam keeps his arm tight to his side as posts up his opponent’s arm. Watch how he attacks at the elbow and his thumb is on the inside. You can also see that you don’t have to post the arm up very high, just a couple inches to create the space necessary to hit the lunge step.

Once the space is open, you will hit a lunge step, which is basically a penetration step. Just be sure to keep a hold of the two on one with the far arm. From this position, you have a duck under, a double leg, or a single leg available. This is a simple way to hit three different takedowns from a very common position. 


Post To Double Leg with Bekzod Abdurakhminov

Another great yet simple way to get a takedown is to post your opponent’s arm up when they reach up for a collar tie. Pretty much in any match you see, one guy will reach up to collar tie on their opponent. Because it is pretty much a guarantee that your opponent will reach for your head, you can use it to your advantage by posting it up to create an opening to shoot a double leg.

A couple of key points when hitting this. First, you have to anticipate the reach and post the arm up before they can lock on to the collar tie. If they do, then clear it off and reset and chances are they will reach up again. Secondly, you don’t need to post the arm up very high, just an inch or two will create enough space for you to take the shot. Lastly, you will notice in the video that Bekzod takes an outside step shot, but you can also take a normal center step penetration step.


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Reach and Shoot with Ben Askren

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to get in on a shot is by using movement and fakes from open space. When you are wrestling, if you reach up, your opponent will most likely reach up too, it is almost an automatic response for most wrestlers. When they do, all you have to do is lower your level and shoot. 

In this video, Ben Askren shows how he likes to use movement and reaching to set up a double leg. Notice how he is using fakes to get his opponent to react. To be successful with this shot, you must get your opponent to react to your reaching and movement. Once you practice this a little and get your timing down, you will be able to score a lot of points with this simple setup and takedown. 


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Front Headlock Throw By with Bekzod Abdurakhminov

So far all of these takedowns have been different types of shots, but another way to score takedowns is with front headlocks. There are a lot of different finishes you can hit from a front headlock, but one of the most simple yet effective is a throw by. 

To hit a throw by, you must first get your opponent into a front headlock; it can be an open or closed front headlock. Make sure you keep pressure on your opponent and continually snap and circle your opponent to the side your head is on. It is very important that you keep them moving. Then, use your arm that has the head to throw the arm and head by as you circle the opposite direction for an easy two points. 

This is a highly effective finish because you opponent must circle to prevent you from getting an easy spin behind takedown. Because of this, when you hit the throw by, it is usually too late for them to even defend it. You will see this simple takedown used in matches in the NCAA finals and even the Olympics.


Pushing Whip Over with Adam Wheeler

This last takedown is great because not only does it get you a takedown, but it puts your opponents to their back and you have a tight half in already which makes it easy to get the pin. The pushing whip over is a variation to what a lot of people call a cement mixer. Most of the time people get into this position by either snapping their opponent down into a short offensive position or catching the arm when their opponent shoots and sprawling. 

When you are the short offense position, one hand will be on the chin and the other hand will be hooked under the arm. Instead of pulling the head and whipping your opponent over, you are going to lower your hips and drive throw your opponent to put them straight to their back. This move seems easy, because it is easy. Drill it a couple times and you will have it down. 

Scoring takedowns in wrestling doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, simpler is often better and more effective. These are all great takedowns you can use to be more effective out on the mat. 

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