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Five Great Throws That You Need To Learn

Five Great Throws That You Need To Learn


For most wrestlers, upper body throws are not their primary offense, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still be working to learn new throws so when the time comes, you will be able to effectively execute one. If you can hit a good throw in a match, not only do you get the takedown, but you also put your opponent on their back and will hopefully get the pin. Different throws work well in different situations. Here are five great throws you can add to your offense to become more effective wrestling on your feet.

Hip Toss with Henry Cejudo

One of the best ways to hit a throw is by setting it up with a shot. For this hip toss, Henry Cejudo, who is an Olympic gold medalist, shows how he likes to set up a hip toss by using an outside sweep single. Check it out!


In order to hit this throw, you must really sell the fake single leg because you need your opponent to react. Watch how Henry shoots to the outside leg anticipating that he will step it back in order to defend it. When they step the leg back, Henry stays heavy on the outside arm, which is very important, and takes a center step with his inside leg. Next, he takes a back step to clear his hips through and loads his partner up for the throw. Notice how his partner almost perpendicular across his back and his butt and hips are all the way clear. 

This hip toss is very effective because it is disguised with a single leg attempt. This is an especially good throw to hit if you are down at the end of a match and need to score some points or get a pin. Most guys know if you are hunting for a throw and it is very difficult to hit one at this point, but since this starts out with a single leg, by the time they know what is happening it is too late for them to stop it.

Pancake with Nick Heflin

Not all throws need to come from the feet. A pancake is a throw that comes from a short offense position common after a snap down or from defending a shot. In this video, three time NCAA All American Nick Heflin demonstrates his version of a pancake throw.


As you can see in the video, Heflin likes to start with front headlock and what is cool about this throw is that it doesn’t matter if your opponent grabs your elbow. Watch how Heflin drives into his opponent to bait him into pressuring back. When he feels the pressure, he turns his hips pulls the arm and lets the head pop out to hit the throw. This is a very effective throw that all wrestlers should have in their offense. It is also a safe way to attempt a throw because you are not on your feet. 

Pinched Elbow Lateral Drop with Georgi Ivanov

For the next throw, Olympian Georgi Ivanov shows how to hit a lateral drop when you have a two on one. 


As you can see in the video, this lateral drop starts out with a good Russian tie where the arm is tight to your body. Watch how Georgi uses his stomach to block his opponent’s arm and then takes the hand that is on the wrist and brings it up to an underhook.Then he steps, loads his opponent up, pops his hips and throws. Another important thing to note when watching the video is after the throw, he still hangs on to the arm to keep his opponent on their back. 


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If you have trouble hitting this throw here are a couple of things to look at. First, your hips need to be close to your partner’s hips so make sure you are stepping in deep enough. If you don’t eliminate the space between you and your partner, the throw probably won’t work. Another aspect to look at is are you able to pop your hips. If you can’t already do a lateral drop form and over under position, you probably aren’t ready to for this variation of a lateral drop. Lastly, as with any throw, make sure you are committing 100% to the throw. Either you go all in with it or don’t bother hitting it or you will end up on your back against a good wrestler. 

The Wheeler Whip with Adam Wheeler

This next throw is very technical but very effective. In this video, Olympic bronze medalist in Greco Adam Wheeler teaches one of his signature moves called the Wheeler whip. 


As you can see in the video, this throw starts with an arm drag. When you hit the drag, you are going to take a deep center step between your opponent’s legs and the near hand goes behind your opponent around their waist. Most of the time, your opponent will step their leg out because they feel vulnerable. What is great about this move is Adam is anticipating his opponent stepping their leg out and using it against them. 

When you feel them step out, the hand that is on the waist will slide up to the armpit. From here, be sure to pull with both of your arms to twist your opponent’s upper body and now you can hit a lateral drop style throw. 

Reverse Arm Throw with Georgi Ivanov

This last throw is another one by Georgi Ivanov, and like the other one, this one also starts out with a two on one. 


This is a great throw to hit when you have a two on one and your opponent attacks your elbow to defend it. As you can see in the video, the first step is to reverse you grip on the wrist. Then Georgi plants his foot on the mat then slightly elevates his opponent and pulls them behind himself which loads them up for the throw. The next important step is a quick level change where you drop to the knee. Make sure you are keeping the arm tight. From this position, don’t just try to pull your opponent over you. When you watch Georgi, you will notice that he drives his opponent forward to hit the throw. Driving instead of pulling will make a huge difference.

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