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Five Great Takedowns For Bigger Wrestlers

Five Great Takedowns For Bigger Wrestlers


It is no secret that bigger wrestlers move different and like to hit different takedowns than smaller wrestlers do. Generally, most bigger guys are not hitting shots where they could potentially get stuck underneath their opponent where as most smaller wrestlers have no problem shooting low level shots. 

When you watch bigger guys wrestle, you will notice that they tend to utilize a lot more upper body tie ups and Greco style moves. Here are five great takedowns for bigger wrestlers that won’t get you stuck underneath a set of heavy hips. 

Russian Tie Ankle Pick

One common tie you see a lot with bigger wrestlers is a Russian Tie also called a two on one. There are a lot of shots you can from a Russian tie, but there are also a lot of takedowns from this position that do not require taking a shot. 

An ankle pick is a great takedown from a Russian tie. This one is set up by faking a single leg then using your opponent’s reaction to hit an ankle pick.  

To start the attack, step behind your opponent’s near leg. They will think you are trying to hit a single leg and pull the leg back. Once they step their foot back, it transfers weight onto their far foot which makes it perfect for an ankle pick. Before you reach down for the ankle, you need to hook the far ankle with your foot. Watch Dan’s footwork he uses to close the distance in order to hook the far ankle. Doing the hop step is very important to close the distance. If you don’t, you will be to spread out. 

Once the ankle is blocked, reach down and grab the ankle and drive over your opponent; don’t just try to lift the ankle. Also, notice how Dan finishes with his opponent’s ankle on his thigh. Tabling the ankle will keep your opponent from bellying out and if you hold onto it, may lead to some back points.

Knee Pick

A knee pick is another great option for bigger guys. In this video, it is set up from an underhook. Just like with the previous ankle pick, this knee pick also starts with a fake single leg to the near side to get your opponent to pull their leg back. When they pull it back, this loads their weight on their far foot and this is perfect for hitting a knee pick. 

When they step their foot back, it will give you the angle you need. Watch how Askren reaches across and blocks the far knee and shoots his underhook arm up into the air. Then, he drives through his opponent. Be sure to not go behind your opponent when you are driving because this can give them a whizzer and they can put you on your back. 

Front Headlock Throw By

A great position to be in if you are a heavier wrestler is a front headlock. Making your opponent carry your weight really tires them out. There are a lot of finishes you can hit from a front headlock. One of the most basic yet effective is a throw by.

To hit this finish from the front headlock position, you will need to circle towards your opponent’s leg. If you are in the correct front headlock position, it should be the only leg that you can see. You will circle them and snap them; be sure to always keep them moving. When you hit the snap, you will change your direction and circle the other way and throw head by. When you do this, your arm will make a motion like you are trying to stir a big pot of soup. 

You will notice in the video that Bekzod has an open front headlock with his hand gripping in the armpit, but you could grip at the elbow or even do a throw by from a closed front headlock. Just be sure you are ready for your opponent to grab your elbow to try to drag out of it if you have it closed. 

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Duck Under

Another great move for bigger guys to hit is a duck under because it is a high level attack that doesn’t require you to go down to the mat. There are many different positions you can hit a duck under from, but two of the most common are an underhook or from an inside tie. 

In this video, Ben Askren shows a far side duck under from an underhook. Some key points with this duck under are the far leg of your opponent needs to be their lead leg. Also, Askren is getting wrist control and using it to clear the arm. If your opponent has your wrist, you can still hit the same duck under. Usually, your opponent won’t allow you to have an underhook, head position, and wrist control so if they end up with your wrist, you can still hit this move the exact same way. 

Lastly, be sure to turn back into your opponent after you hit the duck under, especially this one because you are shooting across your opponent’s body. If you don’t change the direction of your momentum, your opponent will just turn and face you and will prevent you from finishing the duck under.

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Overtie Slide By

One great option for bigger guys is a slide by from an overtie position. An overtie is basically when you collar tie over top of your opponent’s collar tie. 

A couple big points when hitting this slide by. First, when you have the overtie, you must collapse your opponent’s head into their biceps. If you don’t, it leaves you very open for your opponent to shoot on you. Another key point is pressure. You want to get your opponent pressuring into you. This is done by pushing, pulling, and circling them. If you move them enough, you will feel them pressure back into you. When you do, pull the trigger and hit the slide by. Lastly, you will see that when Askren feels the pressure, he not only shrugs the collar tie off, but also uses his other arm to clear it off. 

Although these moves are great for bigger wrestlers, wrestlers of all sizes can be very effective with them. So even if you are a lighter weight, it would be great for you to drill these moves and add them to your offense. 

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