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Fine Tune Your Folkstyle Fundamentals with Adam Wheeler

Fine Tune Your Folkstyle Fundamentals with Adam Wheeler


Fundamentals Are Foundational

Regardless of the activity, Fundamentals will always be one of the most important aspects to your skill. This is especially true in grappling sports like Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu. No matter HOW fancy or advanced a technique may seem, you will undoubtedly find some fundamentals within. 

In Folkstyle wrestling one of the most important fundamentals to learn is the penetration step. A common error for beginners is to attempt a takedown from too far away from your opponent. Spacing and time are crucial for a good shooting takedown. The penetration step is the tool needed to help change elevation and close the distance. While many of our readers are penetration step masters, let’s take a look at Adam Wheeler’s breakdown of this foundational skill from his new instructional Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling.  Check it out!


Adam spends a good amount of time talking about the importance of the level change. By changing levels he can ensure that he will be lower than his opponent’s center of gravity. Overtime you can set up your shot with movement, or by making your opponent lift their head. An overtie can be used to pull on the opponent’s head. As they react you can simultaneously level change and penetration step for better access to the legs. 

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Another key aspect to a successful penetration step is placing your lead knee to the mat close enough to your partner's legs. This is made more manageable by changing elevation. By having a lower stance making the knee touch is much easier, and on top of that you won’t crash into the mat causing you to lose momentum. 

Let’s take a look at one Adam’s favorite setups with a 2-on-1 grip. 


This 2-on-1 set up is clutch because of the options that become available after successfully setting it up. Having options is always a good plan since it will most likely keep your opponent on the defensive. Your options will be based largely off of your opponent’s reaction. If they are slow to react you have some easy access options Adam shows at the 1:04 mark of the video. 

A common reaction especially if the 2-on-1 comes on fast and early into the match, will be to post on your head/face with their free arm. This opens the opportunity to perform another fundamental movement The Lunge Step. The Lunge Step is slightly different than the penetration step. Although it allows you to get underneath of your opponent, it is performed with the rear leg instead of the lead leg. By lunge stepping far enough while keeping the arm trapped you will devastate your opponent’s base, which will allow for a variety of options and finishes. 

Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling by Adam Wheeler
Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling By Adam Wheeler is packed full of details that are sure to improve your game. Whether you are just starting or if you have cauliflower ear on top of your cauliflower ear, you can surely learn from Adam Wheeler.  Cover the essentials like Takedowns, Pinning Combos, and Reversals with Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling!