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Find More Opportunities for the Underhook with Gabe Dean

Find More Opportunities for the Underhook with Gabe Dean


Like the Underhook? Let's get you there!

The Underhook is a powerful tool that is useless if you can’t successfully find your way to it. Punching in a good underhook can lead to an all new level of domination if you have the skills. Not only does the underhook pose significant offensive capabilities but it offers a strong defensive platform as well. 

Gabe Dean, 2x NCAA National Champ, has just released Underhook Domination specifically devoted to the art of obtaining and utilizing the Underhook. Let’s take a look at how Gabe blazes a trail directly to the Underhook. 


Reaching like a zombie at your opponent to try and find the underhook is going to get you dropped like a bad habit. Gabe instead opts for some form of contact from a good stance. At times he will use a collar tie, and others he will simply opt for some form of inside contact on his opponent. 

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Distraction can be a major tool to help with many wrestling endeavors. Gabe distracts his opponent by reaching for their lead leg in an attempt to feint a knee pick from the collar tie. Since Gabe Dean can hit you like a Mack truck with a knee pick, it’s a wise decision to defend his fake. Otherwise He will remember that you didn’t and chances are you are going to get plowed over.

As his opponent steps back to defend the knee pick it provides the opportunity to close the distance and punch the underhook. Keep in mind you need to slide your body close to theirs in order to make use of an effective underhook. Otherwise the distance will be too great and they will be able to more easily defend the underhook. Spacing and timing are something that you can get more proficient with through ample amounts of drilling.

Becoming proficient at obtaining the underhook is a must if you want to reap the rewards that it sows. Overtime with some practice and a bit of Underhook Domination by Gabe Dean you will have plenty of ways to set up the underhook. By keeping your opponent guessing with level changes, head fakes, and distraction tactics you will eventually find your way to underhook? 

Underhook Domination by Gabe Dean
The underhook doesn’t require immense athleticism to make fully functional. No need to have a lightning fast shot, just some planning and execution can get you to the underhook, and from there it’s all DOMINATION! Underhook Domination by Gabe Dean provides the game plan and techniques to Unlock The Underhook!