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Fierce Fireman's Carry With Georgi Ivanov

Fierce Fireman's Carry With Georgi Ivanov

The two on one, also known as the russian tie, is a hold that seems to go in and out of favor in almost a cyclical nature. The russian tie gets taught and is found to be an effective technique. This causes coaches to not only teach the two on one to their athletes but then they also teach them how to effectively defend against it. Eventually people get really good at defending against the russian tie and so it basically becomes a waste of time to teach it, as everyone knows how to counter it well.

So people gradually forget about it and then some other wrestlers rediscover how useful it is and then it becomes an effective tool and the cycle starts over again. Whatever point in that cycle you feel like we are in the russian tie or the two on one is a really useful and interesting position that can provide a lot of opportunities to its users.

This position is great for control and opens up a ton of takedowns, throws, sweeps and transitions. For this article we are going to be covering a video that goes over a throwing technique off of the two on one. In this video, former olympic wrestler Georgi Ivanov goes over how he likes to transfer from the two on one to a fireman's carry. The video starts off with Ivanov showing two ways to get to the two on one position off of your opponent’s collar tie. The first being the standard way that is taught to most wrestlers, with the bump off of and peel your opponents collar tie and then pull from your opponent’s upper arm or you can do Ivanov’s preferred way. 


This method has you pushing your near side arm on your opponents collar tie upward and then pulling in with your far side arm and getting both of your hands on your opponents upper arms. From either position that you choose, you are going to want to keep your focus on your opponent’s legs. For this trainsiton you are going to want to have the leg on the same side arm that you have control of to be forward. 

Once that is the case, You are going to step to the side with your far side leg and push up with the hand that is further up their arm on the two on one. From there, with your leg that is close to your opponent you are going to step behind them with it and create a 90 degree bend, almost like you’re lunging, so you create something of a chair for them if they were to sit back. 

From here you’re going to shoot for their legs with your far side arm and keep the side of your face on their chest. Then you’re going to pinch and bring everything down and buck with your bent leg to secure the takedown and secure those for points if this is freestyle wrestling. 

The 2-on-1 Encyclopedia by Georgi Ivanov
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