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Embracing the Grind

Embracing the Grind


When the sport that you participate in has been around for thousands of years, there aren't going to be many undiscovered territories. Cave drawings from FIFTEEN THOUSAND years ago depict people using the same wrestling techniques that are used today. So needless to say, there aren't very many 'secrets' left in the game.

Then when you add in today's modern video technologies, everything becomes even more precisely documented. Websites like Fanatic Wrestling and YouTube give you access to the best wrestlers in the world. Who will explain every technique that they use down to the finest detail. Everything they do, drills, techniques, daily routines, strategies, strength and conditioning, dieting, weight cutting.... it's all available to you in one form or another.

So with no secrets left to discover, and all of the knowledge that you need literally being available at your fingertips, what separates the best in the world from everyone else? What makes them so different? How do they get to be where they are?

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By putting in the work. Converting knowledge into skill. Embracing the grind on a daily basis. Drilling that move to the point that it not only happens without them thinking, but also with the precision of a surgeon's scalpel. Not settling for good enough. Instead, constantly pushing towards perfection.

You hear it all the time in wrestling rooms all over the world. "Who wants it more!?!?" That's what it all comes down to. There are no secret techniques or training methods that are going to magically make you better. You have to put in the work. You have to be in that room when your opponent isn't. You have to be willing to do what they aren't.

Many refer to this as embracing the grind. Knowing that everything you're about to do is going to suck, a lot.... and then still doing it anyway. Because you know that if you want to be the best, this is what you have to do. This mentality isn't just what separates the best from the average, it's what separates Wrestlers from everyone else.

In today's world too many people are always looking for that easy button. How can I get a pay raise without doing more work? How can I get a nicer car without making more money? How can I train less and still improve? What's the secret move that no one can defend? But wrestling is one of those places where no such button exists. There are no shortcuts that will lead you to anything other than failure.

You can't succeed in this sport if you don't understand that. It takes a raw form of drive to survive in the world of wrestling. Look at the task at hand and then get it done. No excuses. It really is that simple.

So the next time that you think you've hit your breaking point, ask yourself that question. "How badly do you want it?" Because someone else surely does, and you can be sure that they're going to push through.

Stay hungry, and keep your eyes on the prize.


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