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Upgrade Your Underhook Offesne With Zack Esposito

Upgrade Your Underhook Offesne With Zack Esposito

Being able to break your opponents methods of control is a key ability to have if you want to make it in pretty much any combat sport. In wrestling the methods of control are much more obvious. Things like collar ties and underhooks are these methods of control. This is why you not only need to be good at getting theme and using theme, but you also need to be able to defend against your opponent's methods of control. 

You might think that you only need to defend against the actual takedown attempts from your opponent. That is important one hundred percent but defending against these multiple times a round is incredibly tiring. This is why it’s important to be able to stop your opponent from heaven getting into a position to go for their takedowns. 

One aspect of this is being able to remove any hooks or ties your opponent is able to get on you. Luckily there's a good amount of things that you can do to escape from this situation. 

That’s why we have Zack Esposito to show us how you can get and control the elbow when your opponent gets a collar tie. 

Who is Zack Esposito 

Zack Esposito is a former NCAA champion. He competed for the legendary team at Oklahoma State University, finishing his tenure at the school as an athlete with an overall record of 120-12 with the cowboys. He later went on to become an assistant coach for OSU and help coach a bunch of athletes to reach greatness in the sport of wrestling. 

How To Elbow Dig Off Of Your Opponent’s Collar Tie 


The video starts with Zack and his opponent in an elbow tie up. To control the elbow, Zack says that you want to have your palm up and that you want to be on the bicep. If you want to go for something like a duck under, you are going to want to grab pretty high on the bicep of your opponent, basically up to the armpit.

From the position that Zack shows in the video, he has his arm placed just above the elbow on the tricep of his opponent. You can do this whether your opponent is also on your elbow or if they have a collar tie on you. 

What you want to do is grab onto your opponent's arm with your hand that's on their elbow and pull it so it opens up to the outside. After you open up their arms, you can slide your elbow tie arm to an underhook position. 

Remember to move your head up to be above theirs and drive that underhook under their armpit. From there you have a lot of control options on your opponent. You can get head position on your opponent and move them around and set up attacks. 

Learn More From Zack Esposito 

Complete Guide To the Underhook by Zack Esposito

If you like this technique breakdown and want to learn more like it from Zack Esposito then you should check out his complete underhook series “The Complete Guide To The Underhook By Zack Esposito” available exclusively on Fanatic Wrestling.