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Earn Flyer Miles with Daniel DeShazer

Earn Flyer Miles with Daniel DeShazer

 Daniel DeShazer was a two time state champion out of Kansas in high school, and a two time national champion while wrestling for the University of Nebraska at Kearney, previously wrestling for the University of Oklahoma Sooners. He would finish his collegiate career 87-16, a three time all american and champion in 2013 and 2015, with a 61-3 record against D2 competition. Check out his instructional, The Takedown Playbook, for more effective and highlight worthy takedowns to add to your arsenal. 

A Unique Way To Throw

Two takedowns frequently show up in highlight reels. Ducks and big throws. Why? Ducks are slick, they look low effort and when you pull one off, they are. Throws are crowd pleasing, big moves and can also quickly turn a match around in any of the three styles. Daniel shows a technique that is the best of both, setting up the throw with a creative duck, and a huge throw that translates to all three styles of wrestling. The “flashlight” in the title refers to the grip he uses, and it’s a key detail as it will make the difference, especially in greco, when you want to try this throw. 

Check it out here!


The Setup/Throw

The thumb block is covered in depth in the instructional, and so Daniel begins by clearing his opponent’s thumb block post by securing the wrist and elbow control (more accurately tricep control). He then shrugs the tie off, and normally this would be a great spot to take a Russian two on one. Here’s where the flashlight grip comes in. He uses his armpit to cover the forearm, and his level is low as he keeps the wrist and gets his hips under the opponent, and head outside the controlled wrist side hips. He pinches down on the elbow, steps square, plants his feet and arches, taking his partner straight backwards, all without touching his legs. 

Key Details

The footwork and hip position are emphasized for this move. Anytime you want to “go big” and pick your opponent up, you’re going to be strongest when your hips are the primary source of power. Daniel places a lot of importance on stepping in, staying low and making sure your hips are under you and your opponent. Secondly, a queue all wrestlers have had drilled into their being, head up is key. Especially in this position, you risk getting stuck in a front headlock or sprawl if your head is caught under your opponent’s body. So head up and out is essential. As you finish, keep the arm tight and you can secure near fall points, and likely transition into a pin. 

Other Options

Say you get to the duck, you’re in position, but your opponent rips his arm out of your control. Keep position, and you can finish with a bodylock, as shown in the video. As with any other effective duck, if you can’t finish immediately, you are in a perfect spot to get to a leg and finish with a standard takedown. But with a throw like this in your back pocket, who would want to?

The Takedown Playbook by Daniel DeShazer

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