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Dynamic European Technique With Boris Novachkov

Dynamic European Technique With Boris Novachkov

Russia, Azerbaijan,Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and Cuba all have something in common. They consistently produce the top wrestlers in every weight class in the world. All of these countries were also part of the Soviet Bloc/Eastern Bloc of states. Does that have something to do with the domination of wrestling and sports? 

As a matter of fact it does! 

During the Soviet Era and the communist state in which they were allied several social improvement strategies were offered. The Soviets had a strong belief that everyone had a dedicated purpose to the improvement and sustainment of the global state. Some destined to farm and produce agriculture, others were to take raw materials and build things in the industrial complex. This was the reason behind the Hammer and Sickle. 

When it came to sports it comes as no surprise that the Soviet State had a program for those destined to compete. The program would have state scouts going to schools and looking at young children for athletic potential. 

Once children were selected they would be brought to a “Sports School” where their lives would be education and sports.  During this time the candidates would be either sent back to normal school or selected for a specific sport to specialize in. 

Once selected for their sport Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Boxing or Wrestling (there are more sports but this is the general Idea) the candidates lives where that of a professional athlete. Wake up, exercise, go to school, sports specific workout for several hours then go to bed and repeat every day. 

It comes as no surprise that if a child has 10 years of competitive experience by time they are 17 or 18 years old they are going to be world class competitors in their sport. 

Once there was the fall of communism most of the States of the Eastern Bloc had to move on with their collective lives and many changed political leanings and took their countries in different directions then what they had before. 

Yet some even though they changed direction felt there was merit to the Athlete development and selection process. So some countries continued with those programs and it shows today. 

Bulgaria was once a communist state that has since moved into democracy and is thriving. They do still have state sponsored athletic programs for many sports, wrestling included. This is how Bulgaria with their limited number of total population can send top tier talent to the world championships and Olympics every year. 

Unlike the United States where the population is so large it is just a numbers game. Throw your tip 10 guys at a weight class into a few tournaments and let them sort it out themselves. Bulgaria does not have that luxury. 

There is no doubt that Bulgaria has some top tier talent, even if they move away at a younger age. Boris Novachkov is one of those wrestlers who has had a taste of both Bulgarian and American culture. 

Moving to the USA during his 8th grade year, Boris had already spent some time with the sports specific program for wrestling in Bulgaria before he moved to the United states. Once he arrived he put everyone on notice in his new home of California. 

Boris won two California State Championships and his brother Filip had won a state championship as well. Boris enrolled in highschool a year early so he was wrestling kids at a minimum of a year older than he was and had no problems showing why he deserved a spot on the team. 

Boris and his Brother Filip both enrolled at Cal Poly and wrestled for their team. Filip was first as he was a few years older and became a NCAA National Qualifier. 

When Boris arrived he had some big shoes to fill and was up for the challenge. Once he started wrestling he showed the entire country he was going to be Senior level quality. Earning All American honors on three occasions and the National runner up and third place on two others Boris was a force to be reckoned with in college. 

After the 2012 Olympics (AZE) Asgarov was the Champion at 60Kg. So when Boris was stepping on the mat against him in 2014 at the World Championships not many gave Boris a chance. 

In that match Boris went down 4-1 in the first period. Then he turned the heat on. Getting into a russian tie on several occasions Boris attacked with tips and throw attempts but nothing seemed to be getting through until he transitioned to a single and was able to score 2, then the points came quickly.

Going from 4-2 with under a minute and a half to go, Boris would not be denied! Boris got a go behind for another 2. Then from a single leg transition again Boris used a blast double to land the Olympic champ flat for another 4. Now He is leading 8-4 with a minute twenty on the clock. 

Without going play by play Boris continues his assault and upsets the Olympic Champion 13-5. Truly the hallmark of his wrestling is his ability to transition to different tie up positions and smoothly attack off of them. 

Check out this video off a russian tie into a very smooth fireman's carry while Jiujitsu Champion Bernardo Faria gets lifted and tossed during the demonstration. Bernardo is no stranger to takedowns but was taken by surprise by the much smaller man's ability to use proper form to lift him with ease! 


Boris has made an amazing instructional that outlines his style which takes most of its ques from the european style of wrestling. Not only does Boris cover take downs like the firemans carry and the arm spin which when timed right will launch opponents through the air.

Dynamic European Takedowns by Boris Novachkov
 Boris has taken the time to Highlight his top game scoring positions. High Gut, Leg lace and the Trap arm Gut to name a few.Check it out here!