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Double Leg Tips with Henry Cejudo

Double Leg Tips with Henry Cejudo


Grapplers who are just starting off may view takedowns as simply singular moves. This is understandable, especially if you are just learning how to hit moves like the single leg or the double leg and you are overwhelmed by the giant moveset combat sports contains. However, there will come a point where you need to answer this one question: what do I do next? 

Takedowns are not meant to be a “one and done” move. After all, the match isn’t stopped in wrestling or jiu-jitsu just by hitting a takedown (unless it’s an overtime period based on scoring the first point). You need to know how to follow up on the takedown for your given objective. This concept can be illustrated perfectly with a double leg takedown to a turk finish. To demonstrate this move, current UFC Flyweight and Bantamweight Champion Henry Cejudo explains in the video below how to follow up on the double leg. 


Hitting the Double Leg

Before discussing the turk finish, it is important to know how to hit the double leg takedown. Cejudo lowers his stance, drops his lead leg in between his opponent’s legs, and makes contact by wrapping his arms around their legs. While it is not explicitly shown in the video, you can get to this position by clearing the opponent’s hands or hitting a duck under to get below their center of gravity. Cejudo’s finish is not your typical blast double across the mat. Instead, he cuts the corner on his opponent by rotating around the leg opposite of his head. This is a safer finish without as much likelihood of being reversed with a roll. 

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The Turk

As Cejudo emphasizes in the video, the turk is not as simple as just lifting the leg up and threading through after hitting the double leg. Doing so will place you below the opponent’s knee which gives them room to belly down and work for an escape. Cejudo’s solution to this is to lift the outside leg and prop it against his lifted knee. This allows you to make deeper access to your opponent’s thighs and limits the mobility in their joints. He continues by driving forward with the knee and shifting to the other side, which brings the inside leg high above the upper thigh. Cejudo is now in control with the turk as he lifts the leg with his own leg. 

Following Up with the Turk

While the turk itself is a useful finish after a takedown, it is not the finish to a match. Think of it as the logical part two of a three-part scenario. You can use the turk to hold your opponent in position as you capture back points by draping your arm across the opponent’s shoulder. If you are looking for the pin, you can go under the head and pin your head against their shoulder for a standard headlock pin. In jiu-jitsu, this position is perfect for setting up your arm triangle.

The double leg takedown is not the end of the match, only the beginning. Knowing how to follow up with the turk, as shown by Henry Cejudo, is an important feature of dominant wrestling. Add it to your arsenal and start controlling your opponents like never before. 

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