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Double Leg Finishing Tips With Henry Cejudo

Double Leg Finishing Tips With Henry Cejudo

Scoring a takedown isn’t really enough if you’re competing in wrestling or MMA. If you just spent a ton of energy to score a takedown to only have your opponent break free and get back to a standing position, then you just used a ton of energy and showed them one of your moves basically for nothing. Now they know you’re at least somewhat more tired and they know one of your techniques. 

That’s all without mentioning that there is also a chance for them to reverse the position and get a stronger one on you if you aren’t able to really secure the takedown. 

In this video, Triple C Henry Cejudo shows a turk finish that he uses off of his double leg to help secure his takedown. Henry Cejudo is arguably one of the greatest combat athletes of  all time, with one of the greatest resumes that any athlete has ever had. Cejudo not only won two titles in two different weight classes in the UFC, before he even switched to MMA he won a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics when he was only 21 years old, the youngest to ever win olympic gold in wrestling at the time. 


The technique starts off with your opponent attempting to stuff your double leg. Cejudo then windshield wipes and cuts to the side of his opponent to bring him down. Cejudo says that it’s important to not try to turk too quickly. If you try to do turk too fast you will end up below your opponent’s joints and they will be able to escape. Cejudo says that you should try to take as much space as you can and to be stingy with it. 


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When you go for the turk, lift and pull the far side leg and drive in to take as much space on top of your opponent as possible. This way instead of trying to secure a pin from below your opponent’s knee, you are instead on top of or even over their crotch. 

From there you can turk and evaluate to secure the pin. Cejudo also says that you can even use some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques here to help secure the pin. Cejudo uses a position that is known as the head and arm choke or the arm triangle, obviously without the choke part, to help control the arm and head of his opponent. 

From that position, securing a pin should be a guarantee. Cejudo caps off the video by off a common mistake that people tend to do with this technique. The first that he says is that people tend to focus on and play with the legs too much. Cejudo says that this is too much effort and work with little to no reward. Instead Cejduo says that you should use your whole body to control and slice through to the eventual pin. 

Gold Medal Wrestling by Henry Cejudo
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