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Dake vs. Dieringer Rematch Analysis

Dake vs. Dieringer Rematch Analysis


When: August 17, 2019

Where: Venue not disclosed yet, somewhere in Austin, TX, the time has also not been given to the general public as of right now.  

General Overview: Kyle Dake met all the requirements, including the time deadline, as set for by USA Wrestling to allow him to be granted a rescheduling of the match between himself and Alex Dieringer that was supposed to take place in the 79 Kilo division at Final X.  Dake was also given some leeway being the 2018 World Champion.  

The Athletes Side by Side:

Dake: 2018 World champ/ World team member, is no stranger to success, he also had quite the storybook career at Cornell under head coach Rob Koll.  Dake managed to win four NCAA National Championships in four different weight classes (141, 149, 157, and 165), something no other Division I wrestler has ever accomplished.  He is also quite the coach himself, being a direct training partner of NCAA phenom Yianni Diakomihalis.  

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Dieringer: This years World Team Trials challenge champion, and also a three time NCAA champion himself under the legendary John Smith at Oklahoma State University, is accustomed to the highest of expectations.  

Things to take into account: Dake took gold home last year in Budapest to qualify for his first senior world team.  Dieringer has yet to qualify for a senior tem despite his success in the sport.  

  • Perhaps the most exciting element of this match is that the two athletes involved are polar opposites of one another.  Dake is known to live by the phrase “Defense wins championships.” He scores a lof of points of his opponents mistakes, and has excellent scrambling ability.  Dieringer has some of the most explosive offensive around, with one of the best tie up games around hinging on elbow slides and drags.  
  •  Dake is an impressive 4-0 against Dieringer, however each of the meetings between them has gotten drastically closer in margin.  
  • 79 Kilos is not an Olympic weight so regardless of who our winner is, they still have a tough decision to make either cutting to 74 kilos and taking on Jordan Burroughs, or going up to 86 kilos and wrestling J’Den Cox.  

Problems for Dake: There aren’t many problems moving forward for Dake.  He is familiar with his opponent, he has already beaten him on four separate occasions, and his confidence is at an all time high.  As long as he doesn’t let that confidence get in the way of his preparation, I believe Dake has the recipe for success in this one.  

Problems for Dieringer: Alex has an extremely dangerous elbow control series that has wrecked numerous opponents in his career, but it seems as though Kyle Dake doesn’t fall for those types of tricks.  Almost any time that Dieringer has tried to go for the elbow, Dake sucks it tight to his side and raises his elbow behind him forcing Dieringer to restart.

  • The fact that Dake can stalemate his best offensive weapon could hugely impact his scoring ability.  If Dieringer wants to score from there he needs to find a way to get to that elbow in transition with another set up instead of just trying to start fresh each time.  
  • Another problem could be his plan B (or lack thereof) once the elbow series has failed.  
  • Dake’s raging confidence good pose another problem.  A confident wrestler tends to be more precise, tends to take more risk if need be, and knowing he’s beat Alex before could potentially put a daunting weight on Alex’s shoulders.  

Things to keep an eye out for: I don’t really expect to see anything new from Dake.  He is confident, always prepared, and seems to have the ability to edge out Dieringer as if it were a scientific equation.  

Dieringer on the other hand, there is one HUGE thing to keep your eye on during the match, especially if its close with short time.  Dieringer is a left hand shooter, it is his dominant side where he scores a majority of his takedowns, but Dake has been able to shut this down as of recently.  In their last meeting, Dieringer switches his lead leg and his shooting hand and manages to score a bit more than his usual outings against Dake. This subtle but important change shows that Alex is studying and learning from his mistakes.  The biggest thing we should look for is some of his renowned explosion to return knowing he has been able to score easier on the opposite side.  

Regardless of what happens on August 17th in Austin two things are for sure; one we can expect an all out brawl between these guys, and two, the US is building one of their best teams in recent decades no matter the outcome.  

See you guys in Austin!  

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