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Create Space In The Collar Tie With Jimmy Sheptock

Create Space In The Collar Tie With Jimmy Sheptock


Sometimes it feels as though your game needs a major overhaul. That can be frustrating and cause feelings of defeat. While being critical of your own performances is important being overly critical can prove detrimental. Regardless of the outcome, there is a good chance that inside of that performance you did some things well. Instead of a major overhaul, maybe all you need is a small adjustment. That one adjustment could be what leads you into a more advantageous situation. 

The Collar Tie used in the right way could be the beginning of the end if you can’t unravel it’s control. With one small adjustment you can start to get back on track. Jimmy Sheptock has a quick tip for you that could be that one tip that makes a big difference in your overall game! Check out how he creates space inside the collar tie, and add it to your game. 


A goal of someone using the collar tie is to anchor their elbow into your chest. This helps control your head. Jimmy recommends addressing this as soon as possible. Since you simply can’t pummel your hand to the inside you need to add a little foot work into the equation. Sheptock circles away from the collar tie hand and immediately pummels inside. 

Once he pummels his hand inside he can elect to either control the head or the back of his opponent’s arm. It’s important to note that you need to be ready to pummel the arm inside. Your opponent will be fighting to keep control of your head so the window to get inside control will be small. 

The Single Leg Takedown by Jimmy Sheptock
Sheptock recently released The Single Leg Takedown, which goes ALL-In on the single leg. The above video is just a small clip from The Single Leg Takedown. If you are looking to master folkstyle’s highest percentage takedown you are in the right place!