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Create Action With Steve Mocco’s Spin Over Technique

Create Action With Steve Mocco’s Spin Over Technique


When your opponent is flat on the mat, successfully turning them to their back can get tricky. Sometimes brutal tactics are required to conquer this position, and thankfully for us, Steve Mocco has JUST the tactic…

Check out Mocco’s Spin Over from his latest instructional The Iron Claw


Steve Mocco is a 2x NCAA Champion and Hodge Trophy recipient. Another thing to note is that he has a reputation of being one of the most intense wrestlers to ever lace up and step onto the mat. In the demonstration, he makes an important distinction between how to train this technique and how to perform it in competition. This technique can generate a lot of force on your partner’s shoulder so really focus on proper body placement and smooth movements. 

Rolling through while attached to your buddy’s arm with fast jerky movements is going to make your next high five pretty awkward when their rotator cuff is torn! So let’s take a look at some of the finer details to help you generate some back points.

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Steve is working from a position that he covers extensively in his latest instructional, The Iron Claw. This hand on the back position provides multiple ways to get back points and even pins. However, having a backup plan never hurts! If you are unable to turn your opponent from this position switching to the spin over is an option.

To start, Steve punches his free arm through to scoop his partner’s shoulder. As soon as their hand slides free from their back, Steve scoops it and brings it into his hip. This position is all about pressure on your opponent’s back. You know how matches can get, so you are going to need to be in the best position as possible here. Steve makes sure to plant his near shoulder directly between his partner’s shoulders to help maintain a dominant position. Once all of these things are in place the Spin Over becomes available. 

This is where things could get dicey for your training partner. As the partner be loose and compliant as they roll through on you. There will come a time to resist and not get your back exposed, however, it’s not in the initial stages of learning! Approaching any new technique with this type of mindset can really shorten the learning curve. 

By keeping the arm into your hip as you start to roll through on your partner it starts to lever them in a way that forces them to their back. Right as his knees hit the mat, Steve makes a hand transfer. The hand that was on the shoulder slides to the elbow, the other hand immediately reaches around your partner’s waist to keep you fully attached. The main picture above is a good example of this!

From this dominant position you can start to earn some exposure points. Steve points out that you leave your opponent with little option to defend so you can be patient. If they get into a rush and try to turn into you, the pin is all but inevitable at that point! Especially if Steve Mocco is latched on you. 

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