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Counter Standing Peterson With Ben Askren

Counter Standing Peterson With Ben Askren

The ability to counter your opponent is one that pretty much every combat sports athlete aspires to have. Being able to not only defend against your opponent’s attacks but also turn them into offense is a great way to make your opponent stop attacking. 

That being said one of the best counters that you can do is the Standing Peterson when someone who has your back is trying to get to your side to throw you. This makes the Standing Peterson a great move to know so that you can have an option when your opponent takes your back and wants to work from there.

There are multiple variations to this technique though and it’s good to know a few different ones so that you can keep your options open. It’s a good thing we have one of the Ben wrestlers and wrestling coaches alive today to show us how he likes to do the Standing Peterson.

In this video, Ben Askren goes over how he uses the Standing Peterson as a counter to someone taking his back.

Who Is Ben Askren? 

Ben Askren is a top tier wrestler and wrestling coach but he hasn’t just stuck to wrestling. Askren is also a very accomplished MMA fighter having won both the ONE championship and Bellator welterweight titles and he even competed in the UFC for a short time. Now that he’s retired Ben has focused most of his time coaching the next general of wrestlers from his own school, the Askren Wrestling Academy. 

Counter Standing Peterson 


The video starts off with Ben having his partner get the body lock from his back and step to Askren’s side. Askren then goes for a Peterson  that he did in a previous video in his full series. This version has him step behind his opponent and bump them over his leg. 

However, in this case, the opponent defends against that first attempt by stepping outside of the leg. So from here Askren takes his arm that is closer to his opponent’s leg and wraps it over the knee. 

From there Askren will roll over to the side and take his opponent with him and put them on their back. This technique puts a ton of momentum from your body forward rolling that there is basically no way of your opponent being able to stop once they start rolling forward. 

It can be hard to know what shoulder to roll to and in the moment it can be confusing. Remember that you are rolling over the shoulder of the arm that is not grabbing onto your opponent’s leg. 

Remember to drill this technique a lot so that you get used to immediately rolling over the right way. If you don’t you might end up rolling the wrong way and that will just put you into a terrible position. 

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