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Conquer The Collar Tie With J’den Cox

Conquer The Collar Tie With J’den Cox


Just saying control the collar tie isn’t enough. When you watch a high level wrestler such as J’den Cox do work from the collar tie it will make your neck hurt. J’den Cox won the 2019 World Championships without having a point scored against him, in part by conquering the collar tie. Regardless of your level getting comfortable with this position is a good idea, because you will surely encounter it.

J’den has some technique breakdowns available on the Fanatic Wrestling YouTube page. Many of these techniques are pulled directly from Float Like A Butterfly! So let’s take a look at how J’den dominates from one of the most commonly occurring positions in wrestling, the collar tie. 

If you try to learn what he is doing at a live speed it can be difficult to see all of the different mechanics at work. Take a look at how J’den breaks down the collar tie…

Controlling The Collar Tie


First off, one thing to note is that J’den doesn’t simply start in the collar tie. He sets it up by posting on the head, and as his opponent reacts to the post he is able to transition into the collar tie. Now that he is close enough his free arm will post at his opponent’s elbow, thumb inside. This thumb inside is crucial to keeping the inside space. This is the position to get comfortable with. Cox rifles off a couple techniques from here that you can implement as well. 

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Another major focus in Float Like A Butterfly is using motion and misdirection to set traps for your opponent. The sequence from 1:30 to 1:45 is a great example of this. J’den uses his opponent’s natural reactions to set up his next attack, he is just usually 13 attacks ahead it seems!

Creating Space In The Tie


You will notice some crossover concepts with both videos. One main concept is how J’den uses that thumb inside the elbow grip to create space while controlling his partner’s arm. Cox also points out that the tie up is inevitable, so when it happens it’s important to be able to create space within the tie up. Another nice variation is how J’den will control the wrist to make the space needed for high percentage shots. 

The last key component J’den Cox points out is to not be complacent when someone is grabbing you. If you are put into a strong collar tie, he recommends shedding it off ASAP. After that happens you get right back to work with more misdirection and trap setting. Like most things prevention is typically better than the cure. SO be proactive with the grip fighting. If they can’t grab you, it’ll be harder to get taken down. 

Float Like a Butterfly by J'Den Cox
Float Like A Butterfly gives you the traps and set ups that helped J’den Cox become a 2x World Champion and 3x NCAA Champ! On top of that, J’den goes in-depth on how his system doesn’t require strength, just knowledge and application. Keep your opponent guessing with Float Like A Butterfly By J’den Cox!