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Clear Collar Ties and Get in Quick With Nick Gwiazdowski

Clear Collar Ties and Get in Quick With Nick Gwiazdowski


Forcing your opponent to react is a surefire way to create action. One wrestler who is known for creating action is 2x NCAA Champ Nick Gwiazdowski. Nick wrestled in the 285lb division for North Carolina State University. Wrestling with the big guys can be a grueling battle, but Nick has some tips for creating immediate action in a match.

Gwiazdowski has recently released some quality instructional material for FanaticWrestling.com Whether you are looking for some top-tier top game tips or scoring points with your shots, Nick has you covered. Let’s take a look at how Nick looks to immediately create some action off of his opponent’s reaction! Check out this clip from How To Shoot and Score At Any Weight Class!


As Nick points out early in the demo, in the sport of wrestling when you get close to someone they have no choice but to put up some sort of defense. Otherwise they will more than likely get blast doubled into oblivion! In this situation as Nick closes in, his partner chooses to throw on a collar tie. The collar tie is a common technique that most wrestlers regardless of experience use to start to work on their opponent. 

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If you are prepared for your opponent’s reaction in a match you will have a higher success rate with a counter technique. Nick demonstrates the elbow bump he uses to get underneath of his opponent and shoot in to secure a single leg. This quick bump is meant to clear the collar tie just enough to allow Nick to shoot in on his partner. If you put too much emphasis on the bump, you will overextend making your shot easily defended. 

Using movement can also increase the likelihood that your opponent will have to make contact with you. By circling and feinting you can fish out the proper response from your opponent. This allows you to execute a quick elbow bump as you level change and find yourself snatching a single leg. 

It’s important to note that if your opponent uses an effective collar tie, clearing and shooting in might be difficult. This technique is best done off of first contact, so timing is everything. However if your opponent does start to use the collar tie effectively, Nick has a sweet method of clearing it. Check it out below!

Clear Collar Ties With The Baseball Grip


In this instance Nick’s partner has an effective collar tie so Nick uses BOTH hands to clear it. Imagine a 285lb collegiate wrestler trying to bounce your head off the mat with a snap down! This is why using two hands to clear the tie is a smart idea. 

Nick uses a baseball bat grip on his partner’s collart tie arm, and once again clears it off of his head. As soon as the collar tie clears from his head he immediately level changes and snags another single. It’s important to clear the arm far enough that your partner cannot use his elbow to defend your shot. 

Nick recommends sticking with head on the inside attacks since that's where you end up after clearing the tie. He also offers another variation where your opponent is posting on your forehead. Again anticipation is everything, so training your reactions with a solid partner is a great way to tune into the timing required to pull these types of techniques off!

How To Shoot and Score At Any Weight Class focuses on giving you the upper hand against your opponent with game changing details to your favorite techniques. Learn how to clear ties, score, and much more with Nick Gwiazdowski!