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Clear Collar Ties And ATTACK With Sean Russell

Clear Collar Ties And ATTACK With Sean Russell

It is the last period, you are down by 1 and you need to score. The problem is the other wrestler also wants to win and knows that a stalling call will not score you the point. They go in on a super tight collar tie, elbows down and just pinching down to control you. 

These types of situations every coach cringe. They know their wrestler has it in them, but the other wrestler just refuses to wrestle. We have seen the scenario hundreds of times, even at the highest level. Rulon Gardner scored a grip break on Alexander Karelin then stalled to the end. Just using collar ties and circling to stay active. 

Now there is the idea that a win is a win no matter how it comes. Yet for some this is not an option. The great Dan Gable would never have let one of his wrestlers stall out. In Iowa you wrestle whistle to whistle period. 

Sometimes this is easier said than done. Some wrestlers get a hold of that inside tie, and they seem like they can hold it forever. No matter what the other wrestler does, they just can't seem to peel the hand from their neck.

The arm is being pulled with constant pressure eliminating the possibility of creating a duck under situations. It also may cause more harm than good. There is a way out and it is more simple than one might think. From the early onset of most athletes wrestling careers the concept of 2 on 1 reiterated over and over again. 

The idea of creating a mechanical advantage with two arms vs one arm is sound logic. The most common way of creating this position is to grab a flashlight grip and use a hard shrug. This will have a wrestler in the “Russian Tie” position.

Unfortunately for our wrestler mentioned above, moving into a tie that can create distance and allow the other wrestler to circle out and burn the clock is not an option. What needs to happen is getting into a short offense position that allows them to attack immediately. 

Being offensive while attacking is a great strategy and it has been employed by some of the most dominant wrestlers to ever step on the mat. 

Sean Russell is one of the most dominant wrestlers to ever come out of the state of Georgia. Sean Won 4 state championships. He is only the 27th athlete to do this in Georgia’s 50 year history of wrestling. 

Let Sean show you how to deal with that wrestler who has the Tie that can't be broken and turn it into a scoring opportunity!


This turns a bad situation into a good one in a hurry. Now you have an underhook and are tied in close ready to score. Being that Sean is a three time NCAA National Qualifier and All America while wrestling for the Fighting Scots of Edinboro University he has had quite the career. His aggressive style is what makes him so noteworthy. To that effect Sean is also the recipient of the PSAC wrestler of the year award. 

Sean has a new instructional set out on what earned him 4 state titles and a Trip to the NCAA on three occasions. Good Aggressive ATTACK STYLE wrestling, click Learn More!



Attack the Takedown is a complete guide on takedown techniques. Starting with the basics of the inside tie. Sean takes the time to show some feints and fakes to create new scoring opportunities that you may have never seen before. 

As the Instructional gets moving things get more advanced. Touching on the subject of the front headlock and the short offense that goes with it. Sean has eight set ups and attacks from the front headlock alone! 

Part three is a deep dive into elbow control and how it plays a part in both offensive and defensive situations. Much like we saw above that is only a hint of what Sean is covering. While on the subject of attacking a single side Sean ties in how to create and finish single leg takedowns from this same series of set ups off elbow control. 

To finish the entire instructional off, Sean goes into aggressive leg attacks and how to finish them. This is pure gold when it comes to wrestling instructionals. How many times have we seen that wrestlers will get into situations that start off good, but come up short on the finish. Sean is showing the takedown from set up to points and lays out any trouble shooting you may encounter along the way. 

Attack The Takedown by Sean Russell

Overall this instructional is top notch. All direction is clear and concise and shown from multiple angles. It is truly a wealth of knowledge.Check out what Sean Russell has to offer in the Attack the Takedown instructional Here!