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Chase Pami

Chase Pami

Chase Pami is a retired amateur wrestler who held a long and prosperous career in both freestyle and collegiate wrestling, with a runner-up placement at the NCAA Championships and Team USA representation at the World Cup tournament on two occasions. Pami went on to be a respected coach, working at Penn State and later opening his wrestling club in Las Vegas, Nevada - Gold Rush Wrestling, also the name of Chase's instructional series with Fanatic Wrestling.

Chase Pami Wrestling


High School
- 2x Nevada State Champion

- NCAA All-American (2009, 2010)
- 2nd Place NCAA (2010)

Team USA Member at World Cup (2012, 2013)
- 1st Place Paris International (2018)
- 1st Place NYAC International (2012)
- 2nd Place Dave Schultz Memorial (2012)
- 3rd Place US Open (2018)
- 4th Place World US Team Trials (2013)

- 157 lbs

- Cimarron-Memorial (High School)
- Cal Poly (College)

Chase Pami Biography

Chase Pami was born on December 5, 1986, being raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, in a half Philipino, half Italian household.

Coming from a family with a strong athletics background, Chase was quickly introduced to sports, a lifestyle heavily influenced by his mother, who was very involved with Pami's career. The first sport taken seriously by Chase was judo, a martial art he started playing as a 5-year-old, competing regularly up until his 10th birthday with a long list of accolades during that period.

While training judo, Pami was also introduced to gymnastics which helped enhance the young athlete's body awareness and flexibility, all attributes that would reap great benefits during his wrestling career. Gymnastics practice would come to a halt once Chase's mother learned of wrestling. Believing wrestling would bring more benefits to Pami's life, she decided to add the young Nevada native to the local Grecco-Roman wrestling program, leaving no time for gymnastics.

Chase played both sports in parallel (judo and wrestling) for nearly 2 years, traveling nearly every week for competitions before opting to push for only one of these activities. The deciding factor at the time came down to the wider range of scholarship options available in wrestling, which was also the reason behind Chase's turn towards folkstyle.

During high school Chase Pami became one of Nevada's foremost wrestlers, conquering two state titles. Although successful in the sporting scene, the young competitor's mind was set on going to bible college, hoping to pursue a career as a youth pastor. It was Chase's minister who talked him into opting for a wrestling scholarship, seeing Chase's potential in the sport, and believing in the benefits of having a more academic based degree.

The proximity to his hometown, the beach location, and the fact he would be working with another like-minded religious coach, Mr. John Azevedo, were all strong arguments for Chase to opt for Cal Poly's wrestling program.

As a Cal Poly Mustang, Chase quickly became one of the program's most successful athletes, earning two All-American placements and a runner-up podium at the NCAA championship before transitioning to the international scene.

Chase trained at the Illinois Regional Training Center, after which he looked to expand his coaching experience with a stint as a volunteer assistant at the Air Force Academy during the 2015-16 season while maintaining a high level of activity in the senior circuit.

At the age of 32 Chase finally decided to have surgery to his hip, a procedure he had been postponing for some time, the operation forced Pami into competitive retirement. He was then hired as The Pennsylvania Regional Training Center Assistant Coach in July 2019, working alongside Olympic Champion, Brandon Slay - Head Coach of The Pennsylvania Regional Training Center.

In 2020 Chase expressed his desire of bringing more attention to high-level wrestling in his home state. In trying to achieve that goal Pami started his wrestling club named Gold Rush.

Wrestling Arm Throw Tutorial by Chase Pami