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Breakdown The Single Leg With Ethan Lizak

Breakdown The Single Leg With Ethan Lizak


The Single leg takedown is one of the first takedowns you will learn as a wrestler, and for good reason! Not only is it easy to learn for youth wrestlers, it can be adapted to work at the very highest levels of competition. If you can sharpen your single leg to the point where it becomes second nature, you will be taking people down. 

Since the single leg is so foundational many wrestlers use it as part of their arsenal. So in return the defense to the single leg has come a long way. People spend a considerable amount of time throughout their career defending single legs. This ‘iron sharpening iron’ has lead to a lot of developments in the single leg strategy from both an offensive and defensive perspective. 

Takedowns are often taught in a way that assumes you blast right through your opponent’s defense. Yet the harsh reality is your are going to meet a defensive wall in many cases. Being able to offer a continuation to your original strategy is KEY if you want to secure more points. Thankfully for us Ethan Lizak has a couple of tips for us!

Ethan Lizak just released Takedown To Breakdown, an entire instructional focused on not only getting IN on a shot, but FINISHING the shot! Getting in on the single is one thing, finishing it is another.  In this instructional Ethan covers DOZENS of techniques that cover entries, finishes, and backup plans!

Check out this slick wrist roll into the single leg. Ethan cover’s what to do if your opponent starts offer a strong defensive position. 


Ethan uses a slick wrist roll to create plenty of space for him to snag the single. This is a nice alternative to simply popping the posting hand off of the shoulder before shooting. He covers this in more detail in his instructional Takedown To Breakdown!

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Now that he is in on a strong single leg, his opponent has to dedicate himself to defense or the takedown is basically an afterthought. Ethan starts to counter this sprawl by using some sound body mechanics. By posting his right arm to the mat it starts to allow him to elevate his partner’s base as he circles closer to their legs. To finish he uses his legs to ensnare his opponent’s lower leg. Ethan uses a figure four configuration with his legs to help flatten their hip, allowing for him to secure the takedown. 

Takedown to Breakdown by Ethan Lizak
Ethan offers a unique way of instruction you on how to finish many of folkstyle’s most popular takedowns. Not only will you learn how to do the takedown under the perfect conditions, Ethan uproots the gritty details on how to finish the takedown even while they defend! Takedown To Breakdown is FULL of these details from start to finish.