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Breakdown The Opposition With Chris Perry's Next Level Half Nelson

Breakdown The Opposition With Chris Perry's Next Level Half Nelson

To win in wrestling the goal is to Pin your opponent to the floor. In order to do that you have to be able to turn an unwilling person from their stomach to their back. This is often easier said than done. 

In most cases an opponent will be on their hands and knees in the referee's position trying to stand up or get away to reset a position. First you have to prevent them from getting them away, then you have to figure a way to get them either broken down or turned to their back. 

In order to be effective in the pursuit of the pin, you need a plan.  Who better to help with your plan to pin then two time NCAA Champion, Four time Big 12 Champion and Three time All American from Oklahoma State University Chris Perry. 

Below Chris Shows how to throw a Half Nelson and break an opponent down from the referee positions. 


There is a ton to digest in this 4 minute clip. So let’s look at the key takeaway’s Chris is pointing out.

First and foremost, your knees have to be in your opponents butt. If they are not preventing them from weighing down, they are going to be very hard to break down. Chris expands on why this is important. 

If a wrestler sits back and throws a claw and a half there is not motion, no driving the weight forward. All the other wrestler has to do is stand up and walk away. If the knee is in the butt pushing them forward, the half nelson is in and your choice of claw or Spiral ride position, you are gonna have a greater chance at success. 

Don’t rest on your laurels! Even if you have a great chop and tilt (breaking down the near side elbow and driving them onto that side) you need to know these other ride and breakdown positions. The more you know the more dangerous you are.

Lastly and probably the most important detail in this video, you MUST BE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HALF! If you circle to the same side as the half you are circling into your opponent's power and offering him more defensive options.  

When you move to the opposite side you begin to torque their upper body. The other hand helps prevent them from basing out and the weight on their back will prevent them from standing up. If you get into this position the turn is a very real possibility. 

To seal the deal Chris goes from a waist grip to the same side arm. OR the wrestling Arm bar. Thumb toward their hand grip. Pulling the arm into the body removing their only base saving them from the breakdown. 

It is possible to continue the drive and get back exposure as well. 

This is a small sample of what Chris Perry has to offer on his instructional “Dominating the top position”. There are not many instructionals on how to get and secure good riding technique or good wrestling out of an offensive referees position.

Dominating The Top Position by Chris Perry

Chris knows how to coach, having coached highschool to where he is as an assistant coach at his Alma Mater OSU. Step your game up and start finishing matches with a little help from Chris Perry.