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Belly To Belly Suplex Tips With Pat Downey

Belly To Belly Suplex Tips With Pat Downey


Big time throws are one of the great spectacles of wrestling. Watching high level athletes launch one another through the air is hard to look away from. They also can be some of the riskiest techniques to pull off. One of the first things young wrestlers learn is how to roll through a big head and arm throw. These techniques can also put yourself at risk of being landed on. We’ve all seen the horrifying results of a failed suplex, and if you haven’t consider yourself lucky!

One of the keys to getting efficient at throwing techniques is finding a way to practice them safely. Pat Downey has been known to launch an opponent or two. His instructional The Air Downey System breaks down some of Downey’s favorite techniques. Not only does Downey uncover his best tips for big throws, but he also shows you how to practice them safely. 

If you want to get good at these types of throws you have to be able to do an ample amount of repetitions. Throwing back and forth with a partner will wear you out quickly if you don’t adjust how you practice. Check out Pat’s Belly To Belly Suplex where he breaks down how to do the throw, and how to modify it to practice in a safe manner. 


From the 5050 position each partner has their hands locked. Pat explains that to hit a high amplitude throw you will need a low lock on your opponent. Giving yourself the correct grip placement if you hope to lift a resisting opponent. Pat prefers a fingertip or S-grip, but also explains that you can modify it to fit your needs.

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Next Pat has to find a way to get around his opponent’s side. He explains that a good wrestler isn’t going to simply give you the angle needed to get to the side of them. So to adapt to this defensive stance Pat latches onto his partner’s leg on his overhook side. This keeps their leg in place while allowing for Pat to rotate around his partner. Now that he has gained this advantageous angle he can start to get underneath of his partner’s base to generate the necessary lift. 

To finish the suplex, Pat makes sure to keep looking over his shoulder as he lifts and turns his opponent to the mat. A common mistake for beginners is they look up, which causes them to pull their opponent’s weight on top of them. To practice this Pat points out that you should have a general sense of direction from the beginning. This gives you an aiming point where to land, and will reinforce proper head alignment when executing the suplex. 

As far as partner safety, when getting thrown just go with it. When you resist you can cause yourself unnecessary harm. When Downey is whipping his partner to the mat he isn’t trying to stifle Pat’s movement or post on the mat. The reality is once you are in this terrible position it’s a little late to defend. Remember it’s all about repetitions. If you dislocate your elbow because you tried to post on the mat mid throw, you won’t be getting too many reps!

The Air Downey System Pat Downey
The Air Downey System is a 4-part series that focuses on high amplitude techniques. Pat dives deep on entire series of techniques from multiple positions. Learn to dominate from outside ties, underhooks, and MORE! The belly to belly suplex demonstrated above is just a small glimpse into what The Air Downey System has to offer!