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7 Reasons Why Wrestling Is An Awesome Sport

7 Reasons Why Wrestling Is An Awesome Sport


There are a lot of different sports out there for people to get involved in. Many of them have are fun and have some great benefits to them, but wrestling is different than most sports for many reasons. These differences help to make wrestling one of the most awesome sports in the world. Check out these seven reasons why wrestling is an awesome sport.

It’s The Oldest Sport

One of the reasons that wrestling is an awesome sport is the fact that it is the oldest sport. It is so old that there have been cave drawings of wrestlers found dating back as far as 3000 BC, but in reality wrestling dates back even further back than that. In addition to it being really old, wrestling was also one of the original Olympic sports dating back to 708 BC and can still be found in the Olympics today. Even today, winning an Olympic gold medal in wrestling is the pinnacle of the sport. There must be something great about wrestling if it has been around for over 5,000 years. 

 Size Doesn’t Matter

Another awesome thing about wrestling is that your size doesn’t matter like it does in other sports. If you look at sports like basketball and football, realistically you have to be tall to be really good or in football you have to be really big if you want to play at a high level, but in wrestling, there are weight classes so anyone, regardless of size, can compete. In addition, the build of a wrestler doesn't matter either. A short stocky person can become a great wrestler or a long lanky person can become a great wrestler or anyone in between. Becoming a good wrestling has less to do with a person’s size and more about the work they are willing to put in. 

Open To People With Handicaps

One really great thing about the sport of wrestling is that it is open to pretty much anyone, even people with handicaps, and not only is it open to people with handicaps, but there have been many wrestlers with handicaps who have done very well in the sport. 

Anothony Robles is a wrestler with one leg who was an NCAA champion for Arizona State. Matt Hamill was a three time division three national champion for Rochester Institute of Technology and is deaf. Then there is Kyle Maynard who was a wrestler despite not having arms or legs. It is even possible for blind kids to wrestle. Wrestling is one of the most accommodating and inclusive sports which is one of the reasons it is so awesome.

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Wrestling Trains You For Life

One thing that the sport of wrestling teaches better than most other sports is life lessons. First off wrestling is hard and being a wrestler forces you to learn to work hard. After wrestling is over, wrestlers take their hard work ethic out into the real world and apply it to many aspects of their lives to help them achieve success in whatever they do. Wrestling also teaches mental and physical toughness. In wrestling, there will be times that you will be in discomfort or even pain and you have to train yourself to push through it in order to be successful. This is a very valuable trait to develop that will be beneficial after wrestling is over. Another thing wrestling teaches you is to be disciplined due to the grueling training and having to make weight. Being a disciplined person can help you achieve great things in all areas of life. 

In so many ways wrestling trains you for life. There is a great quote by legendary coach Dan Gable that says “Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy”.

Exciting To Watch

Wrestling is really exciting to watch which is another reason it is an awesome sport. Guys lifting and throwing each other through the air and getting slammed. Crazy scrambles and flurries that seem to defy physics. Wrestlers are some of the strongest and most powerful athletes yet have an incredible amount of balance and agility. All of these reasons, plus the fact that it is really easy to understand even if you have never seen a match, make wrestling really exciting to watch. 

Don’t Need Fancy Equipment

Now, all you need to wrestle are wrestling shoes and a mat, but for a long time you didn’t need anything. If you are ever around a group of kids, you will soon learn that you can wrestle in any outfit and on any surface. Not needing fancy or expensive equipment like you do in football or hockey make help to make wrestling a great sport. Because of how cheap it is to participate, it doesn’t exclude kids who don’t have enough money to buy pads or helmets. 

Fun and Rewarding

The last reason why wrestling is awesome is because it is fun and rewarding. There is something about being in a wrestling room with your friends and teammates, rolling around on the mats, that is unlike any other sport. If wrestling wasn’t fun, kids wouldn’t constantly be wrestling around with each other out in the yard or in the living room. 

In addition to wrestling being fun, it is also really rewarding. Being out in the middle of the mat and getting your hand raised in wrestling feels so much different than winning in other sports because you are out there by yourself. There is no team out there that helps you win. You get to take 100% credit for your victory and that is an awesome feeling. 

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