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50/50 Combo with Steve Mocco

50/50 Combo with Steve Mocco


Adding layers of attack to your game plan is always a good idea. As a matter of fact, in most cases it’s the only way to reliably land takedowns. If your opponent is confused by your approach, even better!

Steve Mocco is known for his foot sweeps, and foot sweeps are among some of the most difficult techniques to pull off. Especially if you decide to attempt them with little set up, or one at a time. Forcing your opponent to react starts a chain of events that will lead your opponent to be susceptible to the foot sweep. Precision Foot Sweeps, Steve’s newest instructional, is packed with traps and set ups that will have you SWEEPING THE LEG!

In Precision Foot Sweeps, Mocco makes foot sweeps much easier to understand. One of the ways that he drives key concepts home is through the use of combination techniques. Foot sweeps are only difficult to pull off because oftentimes the set up is weak, or your opponent isn’t off balance enough. Here is a demo from Precision Foot Sweeps where Steve starts to show you how to make your opponent react and catch them with a foot sweep. 


Steve starts the demo from a 50/50 position with his partner. His goal here is to make his partner get into more of a squared stance. With his overhook he starts to lean his partner away from the leg he elevates. Mocco assists his elevation with his lead leg. It’s paramount to get your opponent leaning in the correct direction to make the elevation possible. If their weight is planted on that foot it will be hard to uproot. 

Precision Foot Sweeps is all about….Precision! Mocco makes sure to demonstrate how you should land with your lead foot after elevating your opponent. If you step too deep you will be out of position for the foot sweep. It’s important to land in a way that allows you to transition into the foot sweep. Being Precise will pay off big time in your foot sweep game. 

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The entire time your opponent should be traveling the same direction of the initial elevation. This will cause your opponent to attempt to correct their foot positioning. BUT before they are able to you need to shuffle into the foot sweep. This is where the precise foot placement of your lead leg will pay off. In the right position you can balance, while bringing your rear foot directly to the laces of your opponent’s foot. 

Your upper body plays a critical role in completing the foot sweep. Mocco ‘high elbows’ the over hook, which helps keep his opponent traveling the desired direction. He rotates his torso which is attached to his partner’s upper body which allows even more leverage over them. With these mechanics in place you're going to have a much higher success rate with your sweep. 

Understanding the variable outcomes of this combo approach is also critical. As Mocco points out sometimes you hit the first elevation so good that your opponent has to drop to a knee. From here he immediately snaps his opponent down and secures a front headlock. This is why it’s always important to sell out on your combo tactics, you may just find an opportunity during the initial technique!

Precision Foot Sweeps by Steve Mocco
Take your takedown game to another level with  Precision Foot Sweeps. Steve provides an easy to follow system that will keep your opponent guessing and keep you attacking. Get after it with one of wrestling’s most intense wrestlers, Steve Mocco! Find your foot sweeps and more with  Precision Foot Sweeps!