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Trip To The Double Leg With Katelyn Jarrell

Trip To The Double Leg With Katelyn Jarrell

In wrestling, the double leg is a lot of people go to techniques for starting an engagement. It’s also the gold standard takedown that a lot of people want to land in wrestling. This means that since a lot of people go for double legs, most people get pretty good at defending against them. 

This means that if you want to land a double leg you're going to need to be a little bit more creative. This means you need to know how to not only set up double legs, but also be able to recognize when you are in position to get a double leg.

Luckily for us there are a ton of moves that if they don’t work, they at least set you up for another takedown. In this case we are going to be looking at how after going foran inside trip, your opponent is wide open for a double leg. 

In this video, Katelyn Jarrell goes over how you can get a double leg off of your own inside trip. 

Who Is Katelyn Jarrell? 

Katelyn Jarrell is an American wrestler and national Judo competitor. She won a bronze medal in Judo at the Pan American Championships in 2017. She is also a 5-Time US World Judo team member and the youngest person to ever be put on the US Senior National Team for Judo. She is also, at the time of writing, ranked 27th in the world in her weight division for wrestling. 

Inside Trip To Double Leg Set Up


The video starts off with Katelyn talking about how perfect the inside trip is a set up to a double leg. This is because after you go for an inside trip, if you don’t get it you aren’t close to a double leg position, you are literally already there. 

To defend against the inside leg trip, your opponent is going to need to step out and create a wide base to catch themself. From here you can simply just step out with your standing leg and push off the leg you used to complete the inside trip to finish the double leg. 

AS soon as your opponent steps their leg out, immediately pop up to finish the takedown. 

Sometimes you could have a situation where they don’t defend the inside trip by stepping out but they are able to avoid it. This usually means that they are stumbling backwards and are off balance. Don’t take that  as a reason to not still try to finish the double leg. Them stumbling around is a good thing and you can still land this double leg off of a failed defense. Remember that even if they don't defend properly you will end up in the perfect double leg position either way. 

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