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The Perfection of Misdirection with Dustin Schlatter

The Perfection of Misdirection with Dustin Schlatter

Being able to use misdirection in wrestling can create tons of opportunities. You know as a wrestler that you need to train defense just as much as your train offense and attacks. When you have been wrestling for a while and start to get to higher levels in your game, it becomes easier to anticipate your opponent's attacks.

When you begin to find it easy to anticipate your opponent's attacks, your reaction times become quicker and quicker. You will start to see certain telegraphs in your opponent that immediately trigger a defensive response. This is obviously helpful for many reasons, but can also make the art of misdirection extremely useful.

Just as your opponent can anticipate your attacks early on, you can also anticipate his reaction to your attack or misdirection. If you have gone for or even finished a few single legs in a match, you probably know that when you try to shoot for one again your partner’s reaction is likely going to be pretty dramatic because he is expecting and ready for it.

This may be a good time in a match to begin to shoot like you are going for a single leg, but use misdirection after your partner reacts to go for something else. In this particular case, a double leg takedown may be a good option.

In this video, Dustin Schlatter demonstrates a misdirection single leg to a double leg takedown, check it out below!


Dustin starts off by explaining that he is going to be using  an inside single leg threat for his misdirection, but his reason for going for this is to make his opponent react so he can finish with a double leg. As he is tied up with his partner, he reaches in for the inside single leg. As he does this, his partner takes a dramatic step back to defend.

When his partner takes a step back, Dustin simply takes a step up with his trail leg, and begins to rotate around his partner while he pulls his partner into him with the single leg grip he still has. This is really all it takes to finish this double leg because Dustin is using his partner’s momentum against him by having him sprawl to the single leg towards the opposite side in which he is trying to bring him for the double leg.

Dustin explains that this technique works better when your partner sprawls to the single leg more dramatically. That is why this move has the potential to be so effective if you have already shot a few singles legs in the match. Your partner is going to be hyper aware of the single leg and is likely going to react dramatically to avoid the threat.

This is a technique that relies heavily on the use of momentum. With that being said, it proves to be difficult to use words to break it down. This is all the more reason you should watch the video to really understand the mechanics of the move.

Dustin Schlatter was the 2006 NCAA Division 1 National Champion, and three-time All American for the University of Minnesota. He had two seasons in high school where he was undefeated, and finished his college career with an overall record of 114-10. 

Dustin has devoted this whole instructional to collar tie attacks and the fundamentals of takedowns. You can expect to find techniques covering high crotch finishes from multiple levels, inside leg crab, freestyle leg lace, many variations of single leg finishes, single leg defense, and so much more. 

Dustin’s extensive experience and unique approach to the sport has enabled him to become a great teacher. He has what it takes to help you get to the next level in your game so do not miss your opportunity to let him take you there, check out his instructional here!