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Showdown In Austin!

Showdown In Austin!

There is just something about Texas during the summer. Something about scorching heat, hard work, and tough living conditions that make Texas a hot spot for conflict. With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the subsequent quarantine, postponing the Olympics and the cancellation of the NCAA wrestling season this summer is no exception. On June 25th there is going to be a showdown in a little city called Austin, between four of the best wrestlers on the planet. 

Downey, Taylor, Chamizo and Dake are the names headlining the FloWrestling event on June 25th. The event is stacked with great matches to keep you entertained but the headliners are what you are going to want to tune in for. Pat Downey has never looked better, David Taylor is returning from injury, Frank Chamizo is coming off his win at the European Championships and Kyle Dake has never worked harder working for the Olympics. This event has a recipe for being better than the Olympics we were robbed of by the virus. 

Part of the excitement is that currently Pat Downey has assumed David Taylors spot on the USA worlds team at 86kg. If this is Downey just moving up to fill for Taylor this would be a different tale, but “Magicman” and “Lizard King” have some history. The last time these two locked horns David Taylor ran through Downey. Winning by Technical Fall (8-0) showing everyone why he is called The Magic Man. The two were set to run it back at Final-X in 2019 but Taylor withdrew due to injury giving Downey the world team spot. Now we get to see if Taylor still has what it takes to overthrow Downey or could Downey crown himself the undisputed (Lizard) king at 86kg?

To really understand how exciting this can be you have to understand how Downey can take others offense and turn it around quickly into a high amplitude throw. He has made a career out of big throws, to the point he has made entire instructional series on them. 

On the flip side David Taylor is an offensive machine. Being an athlete under the great Cael Sanderson at Penn State /NLWC this comes as no surprise. Taylor has incredible timing and is not afraid to get into a scramble just for the opportunity to score. 

If you were to ask who the best wrestlers in the world at 74kg are, surely 3 names would come to the top. Burroughs, Chamizo and Dake. These three have had quite the round robin. We have seen the close back and forth matches between the offensive Powerhouse of J.B. Vs The defensive wall that is Kyle Dake stateside. Internationally we have seen J.B. and Chamizo go toe to toe in some epic matches. What we have yet to see is how possibly the two best defensive wrestlers of all time would fare against each other. This weekend we are going to find out!

Kyle Dake is the first man to win four NCAA titles in four different weight classes. Having his sights set for Tokyo 2020, the focus was set on another matchup with long time rival Jordan Burroughs. The last time Dake and Burroughs squared off JB won the Set, 2 matches to 1. That was in 2017 and Kyle has been working hard since then, Racking up 31 wins in a row with his last loss over two years ago.

Defense Wins Championships by Kyle Dake

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Frank Chamizo has been an international contender for quite some time. Being a two-time World Champion and taking the bronze at the 2016 Olympics there is no doubt Chamizo is a force to be reckoned with. Being less active than his opponent the last few years, he is still the current 2020 European Champion at 74Kg and the 2019 World runner up. 

Matrix Defense by Frank Chamizo

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Who do you have winning this Saturday in Austin, Texas? Will David Taylor be able to bring the offensive onslaught that has brought him so much success or will it be stifled by the throwing power of Pat Downey? What will be the strategy for Frank Chamizo and Kyle Dake? Two of the best defensive wrestlers of all time. Someone will have to mount an attack and the other will have to counter. All we know is that this event has the potential for some of the most exciting matches we have seen in a long time. 

There was no Olympics this year, but this will set the stage for Tokyo 2021! 

The Air Downey System by Pat Downey

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