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Relentless Collar Tie Attacks by Thomas Gilman

Relentless Collar Tie Attacks by Thomas Gilman

Thomas Gilman is an absolute beast of a wrestler. Thomas knew from a young age that wrestling is what he wanted to do. This is not uncommon in Iowa where Thomas is from. What is uncommon was how Thomas went about it. When Thomas entered High School he chose to go to Skutt Catholic in Nebraska. 

It was there that the Gilman Legacy began. Winning the State Championship all four years he attended. During that time his winning helped the team with three State Team Titles. 

This earned Gilman a spot at Iowa. For the uninitiated the Iowa Hawkeyes have one of the best wrestling programs in NCAA History. Wrestling for the Brands brothers Gilman earned the #1 wrestler for his weight for a period of time. 

Earning All American Honors on three occasions during his trips to the NCAA National Championships. But before you can be a National Champion any year you have to make your conference championship. During his three trips to the Big Tens from 2015-1017 Thomas earned Silver, Bronze and Gold respectively at 125 lbs. 

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Once at the NCAA’s Gilman stood on the podium twice. As the National runner up in 2016 and the Bronze medalist in 2017. 

Taking 3rd his last year in the NCAA’s would not derail Gilman’s goal of wrestling for a living. Having two Olympics medalist as your coach’s during his time at Iowa helped prepare him for what was next. 

Stepping onto the world stage Gilman went for broke in Paris, France while competing in the Freestyle World Championships. Gilman fought the best the world had to offer. He was flawless on his way to the finals. Beating wrestlers from the Ukraine, Iran, Uzbekistan and the Peoples Republic of Korea. out scoring his opponents 25-7. In the end Gilman fell short to Japans Yuki Takahashi in the finals.

2nd place at the world championships your first year out of college is an amazing accomplishment. What makes Gilman so dangerous is that Iowa aggressive whistle to whistle style and his ability to control collar ties. 

When many wrestlers use hand fighting and collar ties for stalling, Gilman is a control and go type wrestler. He gains control and fires attacks from all angles. 

Check out this quick clip of Thomas using a flashlight grip and collar tie to enter into a deep highcrotch position. He makes it look simple but does it in lighting fast fashion when he really wants to pull it off. 


What is remarkable about this set up is how easy it is and how it attacks the near side leg unlike a traditional high crotch which attacks the leg that is on the farside. 

Early control on the wrist makes for an easier entry and helps misdirect the opponents efforts in defense. As once the arm is pushed back to the outside their common reaction will be to reestablish contact with the shoulder. This will be too late as the level change has happened and the attack has already been started. 

It comes as no surprise that Thomas has released an instructional on his aggressive and offensive tie series. Coming from the Iowa Hawkeyes everything has to always be looking to score. There is no stalling or using a Tie to “figure something out”. If you make contact you need to make an attack and that is exactly what is outlined in this instructional. 

Relentless Collar Tie Offense by Thomas Gilman

Thomas covers everything you need to have an aggressive attacking style off the Tie. So if you're tired of getting slowed down by others  or are having trouble getting your offense started while in the tie, this is the instructional you want. Be relentless in your pursuit for points and check it out here!