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Preseeds Announced For MAC Championship

Preseeds Announced For MAC Championship

The Mid-Atlantic Conference has announced the preseeds for the 2019 MAC Championship Tournament, which will be held March 8th-9th in Norfolk, Virginia. Missouri leads the way with seven 1 seeds, and will likely take the overall team title. The seeds were voted on by conference coaches, each ranking the top grapplers in each division. Only two wrestlers in the field have earned All-American honors before.

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1. Michael McGee, Old Dominion
2. Drew Hildebrandt, Central Michigan
3. Shakur Laney, Ohio
4. Dack Punke, Missouri
5. Kyle Akins, Buffalo
6. Bryce West, Northern Illinois
7. Jake Ferri, Kent State
8. Gage Datlovsky, SIU Edwardsville

1. John Erneste, Missouri
2. Mario Guillen, Ohio
3. Derek Spann, Buffalo
4. Alijah Jeffery, Northern Illinois
5. Tim Rooney, Kent State
6. Trevor Majette, Old Dominion
7. Devin Perez, Central Michigan
8. Austin Macias, SIU Edwardsville

1. Jaydin Eierman, Missouri
2. Cameron Kelly, Ohio
3. Bryan Lantry, Buffalo
4. Sa'Derian Perry, Old Dominion
5. Drew Marten, Central Michigan
6. Drew West, Northern Illinois
7. Cory Simpson, Kent State
8. Lucas Bernal, SIU Edwardsville

1. Brock Mauller, Missouri
2. Kevin Budock, Old Dominion
3. Alec Hagan, Ohio
4. Tyshawn Williams, SIU Edwardsville
5. McCoy Kent, Northern Illinois
6. Kody Komora, Kent State
7. Dresden Simon, Central Michigan
8. Jason Estevez, Buffalo

1. Larry Early, Old Dominion
2. Jarrett Jacques, Missouri
3. Zac Carson, Ohio
4. Justin Ruffin, SIU Edwardsville
5. Logan Parks, Central Michigan
6. Alex Smythe, Buffalo
7. Mason Kauffman, Northern Illinois
8. Richard Jackson, Kent State

1. Connor Flynn, Missouri
2. Troy Keller, Buffalo
3. Kenny Moore, Northern Illinois
4. Colt Yinger, Ohio
5. Isaac Bast, Kent State
6. Nate Higgins, SIU Edwardsville
7. Shane Jones, Old Dominion
8. Bret Fedewa, Central Michigan

1. Daniel Lewis, Missouri
2. Brit Wilson, Northern Illinois
3. Jake Lanning, Buffalo
4. Collin Lieber, Central Michigan
5. Kade Byland, Kent State
6. Luke Drugac, Old Dominion
7. Kevin Gschwendtner, SIU Edwardsville
8. Logan Stanley, Ohio

1. Dylan Wisman, Missouri
2. Antonio Agee, Old Dominion
3. Andrew McNally, Kent State
4. Jordan Atienza, Central Michigan
5. Will Feldkamp, Northern Illinois
6. Sergio Villalobos, SIU Edwardsville
7. Hunter Yeargan, Ohio
8. Logan Rill, Buffalo

1. Wyatt Koelling, Missouri
2. Christian Dulaney, SIU Edwardsville
3. Brett Perry, Buffalo
4. Tim Young, Old Dominion
5. Landon Pelham, Central Michigan
6. Derek Hillman, Ohio
7. Shane Mast, Kent State
8. Max Ihry, Northern Illinois

1. Matt Stencel, Central Michigan
2. Zach Elam, Missouri
3. Jake Gunning, Buffalo
4. Will Hilliard, Old Dominion
5. Caleb Gossett, Northern Illinois
6. Colton McKiernan, SIU Edwardsville
7. Spencer Berthold, Kent State
8. Zack Parker, Ohio

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