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Parker Kropman Takes Down Princeton's Matt Kolodzik 3-1, Upset Of The Year?

Parker Kropman Takes Down Princeton's Matt Kolodzik 3-1, Upset Of The Year?

In the Drexel Dragons's 27-12 dual loss to Princeton, sophomore Parker Kropman scored the biggest win of his career with a 3-1 victory over #2-ranked Matthew Kolodzik, a 3-time all american. The win is Kropman's first ranked win of the year, and the biggest of his career to date. The late takedown in the third was the difference maker, after Kolodzik struggled to score all match long.

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The two scrambled and moved well in the first, with Kropman doing more to shut down scoring opportunities than to create his own offense, but he kept stalling calls off him and sprawled well against Kolodzik's veteran shots. They continued this for the next two periods, exchanging escapes with no meaningful riding taking place. Kolodzik has usually been able to put together longer rides and tilt from cross wrist positions, but couldn't hold Kropman.

Late in the third, Parker found his way to a sweep single leg and managed to elevate and finish with very little time left, under ten seconds. Kolodzik had no time to answer back and he takes the second loss for his senior season, a season that saw him enter #1 ranked in the nation. Now, he will certainly suffer in his conference and national seedings, which is troublesome for his road to a national title. Still, he's right in the hunt, provided he can get his offense moving quicker than he could here. Kropman is going to have a lot of momentum now, and won't be taken lightly again.

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