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Funky Double Leg Set Ups With Ben Askren

Funky Double Leg Set Ups With Ben Askren

The double leg is probably the single most famous technique from wrestling. From people seeing it in moves or seeing it in MMA, the double leg has become the most famous technique in all of wrestling. 

This means that a lot of people are going to want to land it, even if it isn’t the smartest technique to go for in the moment, just because of how cool and popular it is. This, on top of the fact that a lot of people shoot for double legs in general to start an engagement, means a lot of people spend a ton of time training their double leg defense. 

This means that a double leg, especially from out in space,is going to be pretty hard to land even if you get your hands on your opponent. This means that you’re going to need to have some solid set ups if you want to get your double leg.

Well don’t worry we have one of the best wrestlers alive right now to show you just how to score that double leg. 

In this video, Ben Askren shows set ups that he likes to use to score a double leg from the open tie position. 

Who Is Ben Askren? 

Ben Askren is a top tier wrestler and wrestling coach but he hasn’t just stuck to wrestling. Askren is also a very accomplished MMA fighter having won both the ONE championship and Bellator welterweight titles and he even competed in the UFC for a short time. 

How To Score A Double Leg From The Open Tie Position


The video starts off with Ben talking about how he believes that the double leg is the easy takedown to set up from the open tie position. 

Ben says that he likes to use the double leg from the open tie against guys who are really good in a scramble. Ben does this even though he himself was pretty scrambly back when he was in college. This is because even if you are strong at scrambling, if you are able to score points quickly you should still do so. 

The way that Ben sets up his double leg from the open tie is by moving around his opponent and posting on his opponent. Ben will also throw a few fakes while he’s moving around to keep his opponent guessing. 

When Ben feels ready he will then actually shoot for the double leg and finish it. 

While this is very simple, it’s still done by champions at a world class level. Ben Askren mentions how Jordan Burroughs does this to some of the best guys in the world and he is still super successful at it, despite the tactics overall simplicity. 

If you want to add more moves to make your opponent even more confused you can also add some snaps and pushes on your opponent's head to break their posture. From there you can shoot for your double leg but you can also just move from there to further mess with your opponent’s head. 

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