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Folkstyle Fundamentals:  Two on One Lunge Step Set Ups with Adam Wheeler

Folkstyle Fundamentals: Two on One Lunge Step Set Ups with Adam Wheeler

The importance of learning, understanding and being able to execute the fundamentals of any activity or sport cannot be overstated.  Despite living in a time when our eyes are constantly being drawn to the next viral video, whether it's a flashy knockout or wrestling move or whatever--it is the fundamentals that get athletes to the position where they have a platform to be able to attempt the flashy moves. 

It is the fundamentals that win.  The flashy, viral techniques may draw attention and gasps from the audience, but at the end of the day, it's the tried and true techniques that earn the most wins.

In the video below, Adam Wheeler, the Olympic Bronze Medalist in the 2008 Olympics and last American to medal in Greco-Roman talks about a number of techniques that can be set up with a basic 2 on 1 control coupled with a simple lunge step.  

Check it out below and get yourself a copy of Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling from FanaticWrestling.com.


 In this technique, Adam Wheeler uses the 2 on 1 control of the opponents arm to create a reaction where the opponent pushes away on Adam.  He capitalizes on the extension of the arm driving it past him, crossing the opponents arms while he takes a deep lunge step.

From this position, Adam Wheeler shows a number of options where he can come up behind the opponent or take him down in a variety of ways.  Take some time and drill this effective technique and make it an integral part of your arsenal.

For more from Adam Wheeler, check out Fundamental Folkstyle Wrestling available here or at the Buy Now link below directly from Fanatic Wrestling.