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Breaking Down Burroughs vs. Chamizo, Round Two

Breaking Down Burroughs vs. Chamizo, Round Two

Frank Chamizo and Jordan Burroughs will most likely renew their friendly-but-heated rivalry this weekend at the Kolov International, so in keeping with that, let's take a look at their second bout of their 3-match series (to date). Their first ended 6-5 in Burroughs's favor, and their second one took place in the finals of a prestigious international open, the Yasar Dogu. Thankfully, this one was not marred by the same precarious mat conditions as the first, so we could get a better feel of the athlete's skills.

JB started the match dropping levels immediately, then timed a half shot by Chamizo to get in on his own low single that he swung around for a low double. Chamizo went to a quadpod, then built height and grabbed a whizzer, kicking his far leg free and scrambling himself to the edge where he gave up a point on the step out. The Americans challenged the call, but lost, giving up a point and any future challenges.

Burroughs got back to posting and pulling Chamizo into his collar tie, with Frank working from inside controls himself, intent especially on controlling wrists. After some caution calls, Frank stepped into a single leg shot from Burroughs, but again Chamizo gave heavy hips and Burroughs settled for the step out. The referee called for a caution point to Chamizo for inactivity, but that was white padeled out, leaving the score 2-1 for Jordan after the first.

Burroughs kept living on Chamizo's legs, getting in on an ankle pick-style single that he elevated immediately, but Frank again kicked through to a quad pod, Jordan broke him down for a takedown, and Chamizo pulled his opponent's ankle across his own hip, limp arming and finishing for a reversal to bring the score back within 2. Now the Italians challenged and lost, bringing the score to 5-2. Another single leg pushout added to the Americans lead, 6-2. Chamizo went misdirection to a right side single, he shelved it on the hip, and laced Burroughs' quadpod for his own takedown, 6-4.

Next came the most controversial call of their series. From dualing collar ties, Chamizo shot into Burroughs who reshot for his double leg, he elevated it to a head inside single, and Chamizo wrestled through but gave up a takedown before popping back up, getting to a bodylock, and sagging through for his own takedown with exposure. The referees called it 2 for JB, 4 for Chamizo, and the Americans couldn't challenge. Chamizo lead on criteria 8-8, and JB started coming stronger, needing to score. Chamizo took advantage with a deep high crotch to a body lock again, getting another takedown with 18 seconds left. JB would score a penalty point and a step out late, but the 10-10 score gave Chamizo the win on criteria by highest amplitude attack. Another great bout by two awesome champions.