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2019 US Open Results For Junior Freestyle: Sammy Sasso, Gabe Tagg, Aaron Brooks Shine In The Finals

2019 US Open Results For Junior Freestyle: Sammy Sasso, Gabe Tagg, Aaron Brooks Shine In The Finals

In the 2019 US Open Finals, the Junior freestylers put on a show in the finals, showing the bright future ahead for USA Wrestling. Every champion from the event earned a bye to the finals of the world team trials finals, putting them in the drivers seat for representing team USA at Junior Worlds later this summer. Gabe Tagg, 61kg, won the award for most outstanding wrestler after an incredible run with dominant victories over a tough field, including a pin over NCAA All-American Roman Bravo-Young in the finals. There was a lot of points scored in the finals, with only 3 of 10 weights going the distance without a fall or technical fall. Below are the placement match results for the Open:

Final results

57 kg
1st - Malik Heinselman (Ohio State-Unattached) TF Sam Latona (TMWC/ SERTC), 10-0
3rd - Rayvon Foley (TMWC) df. Chris Cannon J (Blairstown WC), 4:26
5th - Trevor Mastrogiovanni (Blairstown WC) TF Wyatt Henson (Sunkist Kids WC), 10-0
7th - Justin Cardani (IRTC) dec. Eric Barnett (Aviators), 14-14

61 kg
1st - Gabriel Tagg (Elite Accelerator Program) df. Roman Bravo-Young (Nittany Lion WC), fall 4:15
3rd - Jevon Parrish (Nebraska) dec. Jaime Hernandez (Tar Heel WC), 6-4
5th - Pat Glory (NJRTC) df. Jarrett Trombley (Wolfpack Wrestling Club), win by forfeit
7th - Teague Travis (Missouri) dec. Chance Rich (Bakersfield RTC), 23-16

65 kg
1st - Yahya Thomas (Northwestern) dec. Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado WC), 4-0
3rd - Real Woods (Stanford - California RTC) dec. Joshua Saunders (TMWC), 6-0
5th - Victor Voinovich (Seasons) dec. Peter Ogunsanya (West Point RTC), 3-2
7th - Keegan O`Toole (Askren Wrestling Academy) TF Jojo Aragona (NYAC/NJRTC), 15-4

70 kg
1st - Sam Sasso (Ohio State-Unattached) dec. Brayton Lee (Minnesota Storm), 10-0
3rd - Peyton Robb (Nebraska) df. Quincy Monday (NJRTC), 0:59
5th - Jacori Teemer (ASU Wrestling) dec. Anthony Artalona (Pennsylvania RTC), 2-2
7th - Kendall Coleman (Boilermaker RTC) dec. Jaden Van Maanen (Bison WC), 8-6

74 kg
1st - David Carr (Cyclone RTC) TF Danny Braunagel (IRTC), 12-1
3rd - Nelson Brands (U of Iowa) df. Julian Ramirez (Blairstown WC), 2:06
5th - Travis Wittlake (Cowboy RTC/TMWC) dec. DJ Shannon (Elite Accelerator Program), 10-4
7th - Philip Conigliaro (Unattached) TF Joshua Kim (Harvard), 12-1

79 kg
1st - Aaron Brooks (TMWC/EAP) dec. Shane Griffith (Stanford-California RTC), 10-0
3rd - Dustin Plott (Unattached) TF Parker Keckeisen (Askren Wrestling Academy), 10-0
5th - Tyler Dow (University of Wisconsin) df. Jake Allar (Minnesota Storm), fall 2:19
7th - Michael O`Malley (PRTC) dec. Jake Hendricks (Pennsylvania RTC), 4-3

86 kg
1st - Trent Hidlay (Wolfpack WC) dec. Zachary Braunagel (IRTC), 10-3
3rd - Abe Assad (Izzy Style) dec. Gavin Hoffman (Ohio State-Unattached), 3-0
5th - Victor Marcelli (Cavalier WC) dec. Thomas Penola (Boilermaker RTC), 10-0
7th - Peter Acciardi (Bulls WC) df. Kordell Norfleet (ASU Wrestling), win by forfeit

92 kg
1st - Lucas Davison (TMWC) dec. Jakob Woodley (Oklahoma), 6-3
3rd - Brandon Whitman (Tar Heel WC) dec. Joel Shapiro (Cyclone RTC), 4-2
5th - Dakota Howard (SERTC-VT) dec. Jacob Cardenas (Cordoba Rrained), 14-4
7th - Connor Corbin (U of Iowa) dec. Tyrell Gordon (Panther WC RTC), 6-2

97 kg
1st - Sam Schuyler (Bulls wrestling club) dec. Tanner Sloan (Jackrabbit WC), 17-13
3rd - Austin Harris (Cowboy RTC/TMWC) TF Aric Bohn (Southern Illinois), 10-0
5th - Kyle Lightner (NJRTC) df. Wyatt Hendrickson (Unattached), win by forfeit
7th - Antonio Andrade (Oklahoma) dec. Tyler Bagoly (Clarion RTC), 6-1

125 kg
1st - Anthony Cassioppi (U of Iowa) TF Seth Nevills (Unattached), 13-0
3rd - John Borst (SERTC-VT) dec. Austin Emerson (Nebraska), 4-2
5th - Jonathan Spaulding (Edinboro RTC) df. Kayne Hutchison (Air Force RTC), win by forfeit
7th - Zachary Knighton-Ward (Blue and Gold RTC) TF Joshua Heindselman (Oklahoma), 10-0