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2019 National Collegiate Open Recap

2019 National Collegiate Open Recap

The following are the National Collegiate Open placements for the 2019 tournament. The NCO acts as a great end-of-season competition for those wrestlers who are redshirting or not in the starting lineup, and often a great chance to get a sneak peak at those who may have break out years in the future. Still, for all involved, congratulations to everyone who competed at this year's NCO. NC State, Stanford, and Minnesota all secured two champions, and Donnie Vinson, the assistant coach for North Carolina State University, was named the event's coach of the year.

1st: Jakob Camacho (NC State)
2nd: Joey Melendez (North Carolina)
3rd: Zurich Storm (NC State)
4th: Cody Phippen (Air Force Prep)
5th: Dalton Rohrbaugh (Lock Haven)
6th: Tommy Cox (NC State)

1st: Tucker Sjomeling (Nebraska)
2nd: Jevon Parrish (Nebraska)
3rd: Andrew Wert (Army Prep)
4th: Jarrett Trombley (NC State)
5th: Sam Brook (Virginia)
6th: Cole Manley (Lock Haven)

1st: Real Woods (Stanford)
2nd: Nick Lirette (North Carolina)
3rd: Matt Fields (NC State)
4th: Alex Urquiza (NC State)
5th: Robert Cleary (Rider)
6th: Chase Zollmann (Wyoming)

1st: Brayton Lee (Minnesota)
2nd: Daxton Gordon (Cal Baptist)
3rd: Denton Spencer (Virginia)
4th: AJ Jaffe
5th: PJ Ogunsanya (Army)
6th: Matt Grippi (NC State)

1st: Jacori Teemer (Arizona State)
2nd: Justin McCoy (Virginia)
3rd: Micha Hoffman
4th: Markus Hartman (Army)
5th: Tyler Eischens (Stanford)
6th: Joe Casey (Rider)

1st: Shane Griffith (Stanford)
2nd: Samuel Cokeley
3rd: Philip Conigliaro (Harvard)
4th: Hadley Harrison
5th: Mason Smith (Army Prep)
6th: Owen Brown (Army)

1st: Quentin Perez (Campbell)
2nd: Brad Laughlin (Army)
3rd: Clay Lautt (North Carolina)
4th: Michael O'Malley (Drexel)
5th: Drew Peck (Virginia)
6th: Evan Bockman (Cal Baptist)

1st: Trent Hidlay (NC State)
2nd: Victor Marcelli (Virginia)
3rd: Jonathan Lowe
4th: Garret Strang (Cal Baptist)
5th: Micael Battista (Virginia)
6th: Connor Doyle (Navy)

1st: Garrett Joles (Minnesota)
2nd: Chasen Blair (North Carolina)
3rd: Bennett Paulson (Army)
4th: Mike Bulkin (Columbia)
5th: Paul Carson (Appalachian State)
6th: Cole Forrester (Air Force Prep)

1st: Zach Schrader (Cal Baptist)
2nd: Keaton Kluever (North Carolina)
3rd: Zachary Knighton-Ward (Hofstra)
4th: Deonte Wilson (NC State)
5th: Tyrie Houghton (NC State)
6th: Sean O'Malley (Drexel)